Mr. Fabulous, Earths Hero!

April 2, 2011

Being fabulous comes with duties. It isn’t always fab parties and free champagne, sometimes you have to think of others.

As I sat in my hot tub this recent Earth Hour, I got to thinking, I should do my part! It was time to host a party!

How is that helping out you ask? Well with every good party comes bags full of recycling! And my chance to save the Earth!

So party over and after tossing out several bags of paper plates and plastic cups I was left with 2 bags of cans and bottles. Or as I like to call them, Mr. Fabulous’s earth rescue mission.

Off to the Bottle Depot I went. I decided on the one called Uptown. It sound very ‘upper echelon’. The reviews mentioned it had tons of parking and a lot of entertaining characters. I imagined it would be a giant ‘big top’ of recycling with clowns and cotton candy…

I arrived after driving around for nearly an hour and as promised there was tons of free parking with a special designated area for your shopping cart… Was this a mall too? My day was getting better by the second!

I grabbed my bags and headed inside.

Then reality hit… This was no Neiman Marcus! But I was there to save the planet!

I was hailed over by a lovely lady wearing a rubber bib who worked those bottles better than any flair bartender I have ever seen, and with a scribble of her pen I was sent over to the cash register to collect my prize.

Who knew being a martyr was also profitable.. after I returned to my car and locked the doors, I counted my winnings! $35 smack-a-roos!

Exhausted from all the excitement I headed home to rest. All in a days work for a ‘giver’ such as myself!

Mr. Fab