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April, 2011


Royal Wedding La Tee Da!

By On April 30, 2011

Like all good Canadians, I was indeed up Friday morning watching all the hoopla take place. And as a true fan of Monarchy standards I made a hat to wear while I viewed,… Read More

Famous Fridays

Famous Fridays (a tent?)

By On April 29, 2011

What could be more fabulous than a nice smelling celebrity for Famous Fridays? How about a Famous tent that you can meet too! And not just any tent, the largest touring tent in… Read More

$ Money Maker $

Mr. Fab the Construction Worker

By On April 28, 2011

Sometimes people wonder what I do to keep financially afloat. There is really no good one answer for that. What we have here is a variety of ridiculous money-making methods. Basically I’m always for… Read More