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What to Wear Wednesdays “Janice loves Fluevog”

March 30, 2011

What to Wear Wednesdays has its first guest contributor.

I’m asking all my readers to send me in their writes.  Just follow the example of Janice. The world wants to know what YOU love too! (email

I have been wearing Fluevogs since 1989 and am currently proud to own my 19th pair. The Hope boot. (Original Price $550. Sale price $199)

These shoes are not only extremely stylish and artful, but also incredibly well made and individually handcrafted. I’ve had some pair last for over 10 years!

John Fluevog is celebrating his 40th year as a Canadian shoe designer and has his flagship store and design studio in Vancouver.

Below are my Grey embossed Munsters, 40th Anniversary Re-issue. Dee-light is wearing an original pair (different color) on the cover of her album. I paid $349 and squealed like a school girl the moment I put them on!

There are several different shoe “families”, some fitting a bit different size-wise from what you might normally wear. The price of the shoes is considered to be high by some, however, if you take into consideration the “cost per wear” (my favourite way to justify almost anything!), the comfort level, durability and just plain downright beauty, they are a steal. There are also a few amazing sales online each year, and an ongoing online clearance section, which I have taken advantage of many times! I got these Operettas, Originally priced at $249 in an online sale for $99!

Once you know what size and the fit is in the different families, you can comfortably order online and save some sweet $$$!  I have paid between $39-$349 for the various pair of shoes and boots currently in my collection. It’s hard to have a bad day, when you are well-heeled!!  

Miss. Janice-abulous,  Fluevoger extraordinaire!


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