Eat Me!

March 29, 2011

It’s Monday, time to get this week off to a good start!

Why not make that happen with a CUPCAKE.

Being addicted to cupcakes, someone please call TLC, I have perfected the perfect wat to eat them without all the mess. Follow me and make sure to save your perfectly manicured fingers.

First thing, buy a cupcake. Today I got mine from Bliss in Chinook Center.

A lemon cake with lemon butter cream icing.

Next, remove the paper cup and rip the bottom off of the delicious ‘muffin top’

Now flip the top and squeeze the upside down bottom onto the iced top.

Now hide your shame in the darkened bathroom and mash that sucker into you gub!

Emerge from said ‘dirty little secret’ and admire your super clean digits!

What cupcake?

Mr. FAB-cake