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Musical Mondays Viral Video

March 28, 2011

Most of my down time is spent watching ‘cat’ videos on youtube, but I’d be a liar if I said I hadn’t searched out the odd viral video. Case in point, Antioine Dodson.

We’ve all seen him. How could you have missed him, he blew up and was everywhere. Now I have never had a cat burglar crawl through my window, so I will never find ‘fame’ in that department.

Now there is all this hub bub about ‘Friday‘. I won’t watch it. I hear it’s a train wreck that gets caught in your head.. I am way too busy to be de-railed at this point in my life.

Although I am no Dodson,  I did had my 5 seconds of video fame, a pre meditated video, I received a whopping 5 views on the video, but all it takes is 1 view to make things happen. I was MAJOR and the right 1 person viewed it!

Heres the story:

A few years ago, Gwen Stefani and her No Doubt friends were on tour. They announced a contest. Make a 30 second fan video of you performing ‘Just a Girl’. They would find the best and clip them into a video montage which would play on the big screen during their world tour.

Now all of my friends decided to make videos and submit them, they were all going to the concert as well. As not to be left out I decided to make a video at home by myself…. Well what happened?

I was chosen and clipped into the final edit of the ‘Fan Montage’

Here is my 30 second submitted clip:

After making this video the addiction of “lip syncing for my life” (thanks Ru Paul) took a hold of me. I have dragged many people into my music videos and I am always looking for new talent. So if your up for a duet, send me a message!

Here is the full video that was to be played at the No Doubt World Tour

Just a Girl Fan Footage, I’m clipped in at 1:31.

Mr. Fab-ajuku