Kung Fu this!

March 26, 2011

Can anyone stop Rebecca Northan?


This playwright/ actress should be a millionaire! First I see ‘Blind Date’, her self-written one women show, and now:

KUNG FU PANTIES, or as I like to refer to it as, ‘One of the best shows I have even seen!’

Last night I was lucky enough to be invited to a sold out performance at Ground Zero, Vertigo Theatre.

Kung Fu Panties brings all the girl action movie genre to stage. Live fights, live car chases, and comeday that kicks you in the face and takes names later.

Now one would think this wouldn’t be Mr. Fabs ‘cup of tea’, but I’m telling you, this show is so brilliant that I was seriously wishing it wouldn’t end!

Never have I said that a show has been perfectly cast and performed but in the case of Kung Fu Panties, the entire team was spot on!

The fight scenes which show the performers skill and hard work are absolutely amazing and funny. Throughout the whole show I felt like I was on a world-class ride at Universal Studios Orlando. The 4 hour a day stage fighting rehearsals sure paid off.

‘Goodbody’, Julie Orton, comes onto the scene after Northans character ‘Darling’ flees the sisterhood and is a welcome addition to the cast. Her timing is impeccable and talent left me wanting more.

‘Malta’, Chantal Perron, plays such a strong character role and she never losses my attention. I was buying into whatever she was selling!

The stand out performer of the night for me was the diabolical genius, ‘Flores’. Thanks to Northams outstanding writing and the amazing talents and commitment to his character, Christian Goutsis, owned the show.

Lets face it, the entire cast should be nominated for a Betty Award.

Now if theatre isn’t your scene… Perhaps the promise of some of the hottest half dressed bodies on stage will get your attention.

The variety of accents used throughout the show, combined with fantastic sound design, moving sets, creative additions like laser security, and real life slow motion, this show won me over like no other.

If you do not see this show, you will have done yourself an injustice! This is pure gold(en panties)! 

Shows Runs until April 3rd (8pm Tuesday through Saturday with additional matinees Saturday and Sunday at 2:30) Tickets are priced (too low) at $20/student $33/adult.

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