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What to Wear Wednesdays (little hats)

March 23, 2011

Girls, listen up! Little hats are hot! I call them the ‘ladies bow tie’…

It’s a tricky item to wear but if you strut into a party and wear it like it’s no big deal, then you will be the hottest person there.

Although a wee bigger then I would recommend, here’s a gooder my friend Terrence sourced out:

Think about it. You see a guy, (Mr. Fab), wearing a bow tie and you think… ‘oh la la’!

But what do girls have? We are so used to seeing the same thing on you. So time to get your shop on and buy a mini hat! Or if you’re crafty like Mr. Fabulous, you can make one like I did for this years Halloween costume!

Cute, ain’t I?!

Now don’t get all little hat crazy! These are meant for special events!

If you are going to sashay down the street in a mini hat on a Thursday, you are gunna get an earful from me!

So save them for openings, exclusive parties, and your wedding.

Bottom line, get a MINI!

Mr. Fab – chapeau