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March 21, 2011

Did you know that Mr. Fabulous is a model? Now don’t get overly excited, I’m not walking in Paris Fashion week yet! For the past few years I have been really lucky to have photographers book me for shoots and then actually like me enough to book me again!

One of the best companies that I have worked for, and who keep hiring me, is CORBIS.

The are a stock photo company that use some of the worlds best photographers.

One of my first shoots that I booked with them was for a project called Shadows and Silhouettes.

They always put together such a great concept shoots.

I work with a very skilled team which includes make-up artists, stylists, designers, and photographers.

I have always dreamt of being a model and on this shoot we were asked to do ‘air poses’ by jumping off scaffolding onto a giant crash mat.

My total dream! Who hasn’t always wanted to be paid to do something so fun and that they have always wanted to do?

This was my favorite take home shot of the day:

I might just be the luckiest model I know!

Mr. Fab

photographer:Dabs. edited versions available at