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Product Testing (banned) Four Loko

March 20, 2011

What is it about health warnings that makes you want to try a product even more?

In a recent magazine article I read that Four Loko energy drink, only sold in the USA, has now been ban in most States. Apparently some real bad stuff has been happening to college students after drinking it. My guess is that it wasn’t the drink alone that was the problem and I’m more than certain when you funnel anything, there is bound to be a ‘side effect’

So in order to not judge a book by its cover, I recently received my own can of ‘Watermelon Four Loko’ from eBay. (yes, everything is available on eBay)

I’ll make this story quick,

A man of my distinction who decides to drink ‘malt liquor’ is absolutely going to have an adverse side effect.

I take my first sip, the first 3 seconds, delicious. The after taste, bleach!

Half way into the jumbo sized can, I’m nuts! My mind is skipping all over the place but my brain isn’t catching up. Why didn’t they mention this in the magazine article? Oh wait they did! This is what I doubted.

I respectfully returned home and locked myself in the bathroom before things got any more hectic.

So you’re welcome. I’ve tested it for you, there is a reason this stuff has been removed from the market.

Mr. Fab – loko