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Famous Fridays (J.P)

March 18, 2011

Over 50% of my star encounters are perfectly random. Sometimes the time and place is not ideal. This week I bring you a meeting that happen TWO days ago.

I was lucky enough to book an audition for a lead in a movie of the week that will be filming soon. I’ll have to admit I was shocked to been seen for such a big role, but sometimes the character breakdown just fit you so well and they can’t resist seeing you for the part.

Auditions are nerve-racking! Most of the time I pray to just get out of there alive without any major embarrassment or flubbing my lines.

This particular audition I would be memorizing and reading two lengthy scenes. As if this fact wasn’t stressful enough, I was being audition by a Emmy Award Winning Casting Director.

After I delivered my lines, to my chagrin, I received quite positive feedback. The best feedback in my career thus far. I was over the moon! Within an hour I was contacted by my agent telling me I had a call back for the following day and that the producer and executive producer would be flying in from LA to meet me.

YIKES! Stay calm! You can do this!

The next day I arrived and when I walked into the room, I was greeted by the award-winning casting director and next by the producers.

Then to my right I heard someone say ‘Hello, Mr. Fab, thanks for coming, how are you?’

My eyes widened!

It was MR JASON PRIESTLY, the director of this movie.

Are you KIDDING me? Mr.Brandon Walsh!

I think I might have farted out of shock, hard to say.

My dream of meeting the entire cast of 90210 was almost complete!

Jason was extremely conversational and kind, I think he remembered what it was like to be in my shoes. I was stayed charming and witty, I even made the room laugh, hopefully making a good impression.

I did the two scenes and the room was awkwardly silent. MR. J.P said “that was nice, thank you” 

So with a click of my heels, I did the jig and Ashley Simpson’d away.

And now I wait, will my dreams of booking a lead in a MOW come true?

Regardless I am so grateful for the great opportunity!

Mr. FAB0210