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What (not) to Wear Wednesdays

March 16, 2011

I have to say I have a bit of a girl crush on Aliya Jasmine. I think she could possibly be the prettiest host on TV, (Jill Belland, City TV Calgary, is an almost tie).

Your climb to the top makes me realize that you have to work hard for what you want and that not everybody in TV has been handed it.

Before working at MTV, “AJ” was a producer at MuchMusic , and has worked in front & behind the camera at BPM:TV, Star! and Fashion Television as well as a freelance writer and professional speaker.

You have clearly found your shining moment, 1Girl 5Gays on MTV.

There was however one moment in time when disaster struck.

Season 2 Episode 17

Fashion Road Kill


I think the worst part, the fact that 5 gays sat in the same room as you and none of them told you! For shame! For shame!

A mustard colored Suzy Shier cardi, faded blue cami underneath, a poor boy hat and some lipstick from Sally Hansen. 

I would have prefered you wore the potato sack!

I’ll admit sometimes Mr. Fabulous has ‘fashion road kill’ moments so I will over look this minor disaster. 

I do have one request… please send me that cardi so I can dispose of it properly!

Other than that, You’re perfectly brilliant!


Mr.Fab drab