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Sneak Peak of Spring @ Mango Shiva

March 15, 2011

Thanks to my good friends at Yelp, I was invited to Mango Shiva for a special glimpse into their new menu before it is launched to the public.

Now I have been to a lot of events but I have to give it to Mango Shiva for knowing what it takes to be the best host of 2011 thus far!

I arrived mid event and I was stunned on how nice their restaurant was. Very downtown modern indian chique! In the middle of the restaurant they had a very large table set up to feature the 10 new menu items that we would be the first to try.

From the Beef Koftas in Vindaloo and pineapple Salsa to the Kingfisher Coconut Curry Praws, I was licking every last one of my fingers.

As not to dine in silence, the owners of Mango Shiva had a live music to complement the menu and if we could tear ourselves away from the food, they hand a henna artist on site.

If that wasn’t enough to have me wonder what I did to deserve this invite, they were kind enough to offer unlimited drinks creations from their new spring bar menu. Now these where really top shelf! First I stared with a pomegranate rose-water martini, talk about a subtle twist on a great drink, the rose-water added that special something. Then I moved on to my new favorite libation, the Ginger Mule. Muddled lime wedges with vodka and ginger beer… I may just move in and pay rent. YUM!

You’ll be lucky to get reservations at Mango Shiva once their Spring menu hits the floor!

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