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What to Wear Wednesdays Guest Contributor

March 14, 2011

So many people I know or meet have style that would give Mr. Fabulous run for his money

So now, it’s all about YOU!!

Heres how I want to share my love for all my readers style… let you take over my blog every Wednesday!

What to Wear Wednesday will be all about you and your favorites!

Wether its your hottest shoes, your best scent or some product you slather on you face, We all want to know!

Even if it’s not yours but you’ve seen it and love it, TELL US!

Write a little something about the item and I’ll feature a new post every Wednesday!

Please include a photo of yourself, I’ll  add it to the bottom of the post so the world can see how beautiful you are! And if you can, include a photo of the item your writing about and let us know where we can get it too! A website, a store, a friend… We might want one!

Time to dish and share your SECRETS, the world’s waiting!

Send photos and writes to:

You’re (the new) Fab