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I’m Big Taste

March 13, 2011

Although the thought of the ‘Big Taste Calgary’s’ mystery lunch at Laurier Lounge has been on my mind, I’ve decided not to leave the house today. I’ve had enough.

Last night I thought I better go dance off some of the ‘big’ from this week. So I decided to go to WEST. What was there to greet me? Downtown Calgary’s week-long yummy event Big Taste!

How could I say no to West’s $25 fix dinner menu? Maybe the fact that I just ate supper before I left the house would have been enough to stop me…. No way! I have no self-control when it comes to this event.

So here it is! My menu.


Baby Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

 For a person who picks every meal apart, I loved that it was all separate! Delicious!


AAA Prime Ravioli

I liked the visual on this, It was so tender, whole pieces of beef and cooked to perfection!


Rustic Apple Pie is what I ordered.. delicious, my friend had the Smores Cheesecake. Great choice too, how do I know? I ate it as well. It’s true, I have no self-respect.


The skewers are homemade marshmallows. I have never had them homemade! This was worth the $25 alone.

After licking the plate clean I was far to full to dance and much to embarrassed as I forgot my Spanx and things where starting to look messy so home I went.

Thanks Big Taste for only making this event 10 days long!

You have 1 more day to take advantage!