The Big Taste

March 12, 2011

If Big Taste Calgary doesn’t end soon I’m going to have to ship my Spanx back for a size upgrade!

This event has been going on since March 4th and will be sadly ending on March 14th

Some of Calgary’s best restaurants have been offering a fixed lunch and dinner menu of their favorite offerings. Lunch menus will run you $15 or $25 and Dinner Menus will cost you a mere $25 or $35. Most offers include a starter, a main, and with any luck, a desert.

The key to this event is to make a reservation. Today I made my reservation at River Cafe. I have never been before but with a $25 fix 3 course menu, how could I go wrong!

The River Cafe is BEAUTIFULLY rustic. The wood chairs are super comfy and the place smells like a cabin in the woods with a log fire on the go. Windows surround the whole restaurant so its bright, yet oh so cozy!

So here’s what I ate… and you can eat it too! (for the next 2 days)

Sunchoke Veloute

Roasted Yellowfoot Chanterelles, Toasted Fennel Oil, Parmesan Emulsion.

So here’s what it tasted like: A weak mushroom soup cooked in a melted plastic becel margarine tub… We were not off to a good start!

Then there was a choice of a Wood Grilled Olson’s Bison Burger OR Wood Grilled Lois Steelhead Trout… After the soup, I chose the safe Bison Burger.

Just awesome! I had completely forgotten about the soup. It had delicious Nostrala Cheese and the tastiest beet relish.

So at this point I was looking around wondering if there was a wheel barrow that they would be carting me out of the restaurant in but all I saw was desert coming. I tried to avoid it by diving under the table but I was too slow and the waiter was too swift!

Saskatoon Berry & Lemon Pound Cake

After I downed the cake and had a 12 minute nap I dropped my $25 plus tip, opened the window beside me and rolled out.

I am the biggest fan of ‘The Big Taste’ and now a huge fan of River Cafe. The service was fabulous and they were so welcoming and friendly.

If you haven’t done “Big Taste”, you’re missing out!

Mr. Fab