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Famous Fridays (R.A)

March 11, 2011

Not only is Mr. Fabulous a pretty face, but he also is beaming with talent. Thank goodness, I’ve gotta make my money some how.

I’ve been really lucky to work in the film and television industry for the last 15 years. It’s not an easy gig to get the work but when you do, you can always be assured a good story will come with it.

This story is about working with Rosanna Arquette:

First thing you should know, never look her in the eyes… That’s where trouble will start. You will ‘bow and avert your eyes’ when she walks on to set. I thought, ‘This can’t be for real’. As I stood there contemplating the mystery, the director announced ‘Here comes the star!’, and awkward clapping followed… I dropped to one knee and kept my eyes on the floor. But she is only a supporting character in the movie… what is going on?

I’ve learned in 15 years, you don’t ask those questions. If you want to work in the industry you just follow instructions and keep quiet; unless, that is, you’re the ‘star’.

After 2 of the craziest weeks of working with Ro, never talking to her and never looking her in the eyes, I was coming up the stairs in the house we were filming in when I heard the director wrap her from the shoot. I tried to turn to run but just then Ro came blasting around the corner and trucking down the stairs; in shock I stared right into her eyes. With a sudden move she jolted her hand from beside her which startled me back into the wall. I covered my face in fear. I thought, ‘if she’s in attack mode, cover your beautiful face!’… Save the asset!

As I peered through my fingers to see what was going on, she had her hand extended. She looked at me and said, “thanks for all your hard work on set, I really appreciate it.”

In a petrified confused state I extended my hand and she shook it. With a warm smile she was on her way.

Now who looks like the crazy one!

 Nice working with you Ro, I’ll never understand you, but you’re a nice broad!

Mr. Fab