California Wine Fair @ Hotel Arts

March 10, 2011

So sometimes Mr. Fabulous would like to get invited to all the events but in this case his emails to Calgary Opera went ignored…

I’m going to ‘assume’ that my PR contacted the wrong person or that the email was lost in cyber space.

Thank goodness to my third-party sponsor who realized a party isn’t a party without a little fabulous. Thanks to ‘Sugar Bear’ for the tickets!

So lets talk! How did ‘Wine Fair’ differ from other wine events? First off the price was better, $60 a ticket, AND not only did they have tons of tonnes of the latest vintages and new products from California, they also had roast beef!!

The other stand out point of the night were all the attractive people. Well dressed, smelled good and had some common decorum. Very classy Calgary! And in rare, rare form for our city, a cute lil’ dumpling named Amanda introduced herself to me and gave me a tip on some ‘must try’ bubbles, how helpful! Thanks!

Here are my top picks from the night:

Best Label:This label is made by Hatch Show Print, it is pure Warhol art, Its done with a wood block stamp and in every case there are 12 different unique wine labels. Who knows who makes this wine… maybe they should re-evaluate their marketing; but for a person who ‘look’ shops, you have my vote. Not to mention they had a very beautiful lady working the table. I can’t wait to try your bottles of Malbec.

Tastiest Wine:

Lucas & Lewellen Syrah. This is a warm peppery wine with medium notes and softer tannins. It will be at my table next time I serve a gamey meat. So yummy!

The best part about my 2 new faves are the price point! Your looking at $16 to $18 a bottle depending on where your buying it. The sad part is the Lucas & Lewellen Syrah won’t be available for at least 3 more months in Canada until the label has been changed for our market.

Now that’s the only downside to this event. Numerous wines that are sampled at the event are NOT available for purchase in Canada at this time; dissappointing. So I say, come on California… sober up and get it together…  We’re waiting!

MR. FAB /cab