Chicken Wings and Fashion

March 8, 2011

Last night, as I was out eating 730 chicken wings and drinking pints of Guinness (trying to build my tolerance for St. Patties day), two things were brought to my attention.

#1 Because I am gay, I am an authority on fashion. Apparently I need no schooling in this department to be an expert. As Gaga says, ‘I was born this way’

#2 Chicken Wings and Guinness are not good on my waist line.

So I called my editor for some emotional support and to make fun of her years of bad fashion and platinum blonde locks. After a good cry she directed me to the new line from Stella McCartney for Winter 2011, that may cover my full-figured physic.

Here are a few of my favorite looks.

My ‘Dads Closet’:

The ‘Baked Potato’:


Now Stella, I’ve noticed you were really low on your outterwear design for your collection. Here in Canada its quite cold, so I thought I’d help you out. I have created an additional piece for your collection. Inspire by something I saw Patti LaBelle wearing in concert.

The Patti LaBelle:

Ohh Stella McCartney, thanks for helping us keep covered up and ever so fashionable this Winter…

Mr. Fab-inista

Looking forward to reading your comments!