Musical Mondays

Musical Mondays with Sam Tsui

March 7, 2011

Happy Monday! I’m sorry!

The only thing I can compare to the dreaded ‘Mondays’ is waking up early! And by early, I mean any time before 12 noon. Good thing I am still sleeping while you read this.

Now there is one thing that can sooth the beast when I have to be up before noon.

 Sam Tsui.

I found out about Sam a few years ago after the first episode of Glee, which was the only episode I have ever seen, (please don’t revoke my gay card). I was searching ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, and up popped a version by Sam and his friend Kurt. Amazing! Since then I have been keeping him on my radar. ‘Dont Stop’ has had over 20 million hits on YouTube, which are huge numbers when you compare them to the mere 30 million a song Lady Gaga commands.

Here is the song video by Sam that I dance around to while a squeeze into my Spanxs.

So next time you have a case of the moody Mondays.. mix in a little Tsui!

MR. FAB-araoke

Looking forward to reading your comments!