‘Uncooked’ but warms my tummy

March 2, 2011

I don’t like to share my inspirations or anything that might be more fabulous or witty then myself…but, I can no longer hold my love and admiration for this company!

Uncooked Greeting Cards

a.k.a: Nat and Armand

a.k.a: ‘Glossy Hair and Slippery Torso’

a.k.a: The most amazingly funny greeting card makers in the world.

I found this dynamic team 3 years ago while searching for funny cat videos on the internet. Although they do not frolic in cardboard boxes or lay on my annual tax return, I would love to snuggle up with them at night… or at least their cards.

This was the video that I stumbled upon. I was immediately in love and have been ever since.

These two are the nicest, most genuinely grateful people I have ever emailed with. Their cards (and baby clothing) that I have ordered in the past have always arrived better than expected.

There, now you know my secret to happiness!

Mr. (second to N&A) FAB


  1. Unfortunately, your link took me to today’s Groupon special in my area: 2 pairs of panties from The puking bird is more attractive.

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