Cheapy Tuesday

March 2, 2011

Remember that time when you could go to the movies on a Telus Tuesday and get a movie, popcorn, and a drink for just shy of $10?


Well that was too good to last…

Although movies are cheaper on a Tuesday ($7.25), you’re now going to have to pay the additional $26, 982. 23 for your fountain pop and dry popcorn. Soften it up with some butter? That’ll be another $82 and your first-born.

Of course I will now be back to buying the large bag of popcorn and keeping the empty bag for my free refill the following week. (Thanks Ksenia for this tip) And I can assure you my pockets will be stuffed with cans of pop.

Thanks for nothing Telus and Cineplex!

You wanna be cheap?

Two can play at this game!

Mr. Fab (ulously cheap)

  1. anything telus offers is not trustworthy.they say one thing and you get the other.telus you suck.y are you not out of business. everyone i know that had telus cable or phone complains.telus your service is very inconsistent and you guys never deliver.also your csr staff sucks. i think you guys have hired robots or brainwashed them.i also have 3 friends that work at telus and all 3 use shaw internet and cable.they told me themselves that they would never get telus int or cable so why would suck.please go out of business or at least a major drop in sales.good luck with your endeavors

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