CRAVE this!

March 1, 2011

You are so sweet and tasty, if I could marry you on a wild Vegas wedding I would! But stay away from the booze, I don’t like my cupcakes sloppy!

Crave cookies and cupcakes, we would be the sexiest couple in Calgary.

These delicious lil’ numbers will run you $2.75 each and have over a dozen different options to choose from.

My favorite has to be the ‘Nutty over Chocolate’.

Nutty Over Chocolate

One is more satisfying than eating an entire bag of Halloween Peanutbutter Cups and with no doubt saves me higher dentist bills.

Now if your into Vanilla, push your way to the front of the line and throw down a $20 and buy your self as many ‘Va Va Vanilla’s’ as you can.

Va Va Vanilla

There is something about the cake part of the Vanilla cupcake that is worth bruising a stranger in line over. So moist, so tasty, so FABULOUS!

Get ready to lick all your fingers!


Looking forward to reading your comments!