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18th Annual LL Celebrity Hors d’oeuvres Night

February 26, 2011

Time to grab the scissors and cut myself outta my Spanxs!

I’m the proud new daddy to a food baby thanks to the 18th annual Lawson Lundell Celebrity Hors d’oeuvre night. A fundraiser for ATP where Calgary celebrities and restaurants are team together and in a fierce competition against each other to ‘sell’ the most tasty morsels.

Sadly I was not asked to be one of this years ‘celebrities’, which may have been a good thing, as I would have put the rest of the teams to shame.

The one hour food frenzy delivered some hard sells on the food as well as some sweet bartering! As the time ticked away, deals where to be found at every table… Except one:

ANJU restaurant and Lounge

With 2 tokens left I put in a plea to purchase one of their pork steam buns. Just when I thought I had made some headway, my tokens where rudely thrown back at me and I was turned away. Major disappointment as they ended up winning the award for ‘Best Item’ that night.  


After being treated so poorly from Anju, I consoled myself in some of the most delicious mini cupcakes I have ever had from my friends over at TASTE restaurant. An espresso butter cream cheese icing and a chiffon cupcake. Pure heaven! The rumor is that they serve you one of theses after your meal. Better yet, they change flavours weekly. Taste ended up winning the award for, ‘Outstanding Selection’. Well deserved.

Seventy-three cupcakes later I rolled my way through the crowd and into our Mayor, Nenshi, who much like me was in a tizzy and couldn’t decide what to eat next.

As I stumbled past him I ended up a Charcut, and was greeted by a ‘Dark chocolate and smoked bacon’ lollipop. Oooohhhh girl! No dice! I think I’ll await your ‘Alley Burger’ as your second chance offering. Just the same, congratulations on winning, ‘Best Presentation’ of the night.

The Big winner of the night, ,besides the fabulously dressed PR gal Aldona from ATP, was The Exchange located in the Marriott hotel. Really unique items, nice work!

As the night ended and my pants tightened I was grateful to the following people:

The inventor of liposuction, ATP for the invite, the inventor of the escalator, seatbelt extensions, and mother nature for keeping the outdoors cold so I didn’t curl up under a tree in a state of food coma.

I look forward to the 19th annual event!


  1. Sorry you got stiffed in your attempt for a slider. We couldn’t lower our price on such a precious item. BUT, now that the competition is over, come down to the resto and I’ll hook you up w/ an order of our AWARD WINNING SLIDERS!!! See you soon!

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