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A day in the ‘Sunshine’

February 24, 2011

With a few days off and no fabulous parties to attend, I decided that after 3 visits to C.O.P, I was now qualified as a professional skier.

Thus the decision to venture out to Sunshine Village was made.

Major FAIL!

The night before while relaxing in the heated outdoor pool, as I stayed at my favorite hotel ‘Fairmont Banff Spring’, I got talking with a Calgary housewife with amazing implants. She stated:

“The great thing about living so close to the ski hills is that you don’t need to ski in bad weather”

Ohhh how I should have heeded her warning.

Minus 3000 below zero and I was trap in the middle of nowhere!

Could this get any better… sure could!

I decided that as I was a PRO skier that I would challenge myself to the hill with the most black diamonds on it, I mean I like diamonds right? And at the very least, they must have a chalet with early morning mimosa up there!

About 1/3 up the steepest hill I have ever seen I had the most incredible panic attack. Apparently Mr. Fab has a un-diagnosed fear of heights…cue the tears! I must have screamed the rest of the agonizing way up, wishing the whole time I would just black out. At the top I pleaded with the staff to airlift me out of there. It was not an option and the only way down was to return on the lift that brought me up. That was not an option at all!Option 2, to risk death and go down the mountain.

1 hour later with no voice and a very snowy bottom, I was safe!

Vowing I would never ski again!


Looking forward to reading your comments!