Walk the Carpet

By October 2, 2015 Opening, Theatre

During the Calgary Film Festival 200+ films are shown and numerous colours of carpets are laid.

Last night I was in attendance at the Black Carpet Gala for the premier of the Canadian produced A Christmas Horror Story

As one of 200 films that are shown during the festival, this one is certain to become a cult classic! 

A nearly packed theatre cheered loudly as the lights went down and William Shatner made his first on-screen appearance.

The film shares 4 story lines which all take place on Christmas Eve.

A typical quiet night where most families are sipping eggnog around the fireplace, the setting is wildly different for the multiple people this movie centred itself around.

There’s a family road trip gone wrong, a threesome of curious teenagers who become locked in the school basement and a trespassing family who get more than just a stolen Christmas tree.

But the true Joyous Noel of the plot was the tale of Santa and his rouge elves.

And not to give too much away but the audience was totally on Santa’s side when he used one of his elves heads like a bowling ball to smash in another’s.

The film was scary, funny, jumpy but most importantly completely original, well produced, well shot and well acted.

It was a perfect choice for this years CIFF Black Carpet Gala!

I say it’s a “Must See!”

Mr. Fab holiday horror

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Le Zoo de Granby – Québec Must See

By September 30, 2015 Activities, Eat, Food, Mlle Fab, Travel

A day to myself. A rarity & worth its weight in gold. So, I was thrilled when I received tickets to the renowned Québec attraction: Le Zoo de Granby!

Why is it renowned?

1. The animals’ well being is first & foremost chez Zoo de Granby.

My lovely tour guide, Mr. Marcel Champagne, the Superintendent of Construction, informed me of the zoo’s priorities. In 2005, the tiger exhibit was among the first of the zoo’s ‘revamp’ projects he participated in. Eleven years later, in 2016, Le Zoo de Granby is nearing it’s makeover completion. Obviously, I’ll have to go back to admire the new exhibits.

Being CAZA, AZA & WAZA certified (international zoo certifications), of course le Zoo de Granby ensures that the health of the animals is properly taken care of, but they don’t stop there. They create environments that are akin to the animals’ natural habitat.

With geothermal heated rocks/pools year round, waterfalls & trees galore to climb on.

Along with many ‘play things’ like ropes, hammocks & barrels.

The animals have numerous choices, just like in their natural ‘wild home’.

2. Le Zoo de Granby is simply beautiful because of the amazing exhibits.

Currently, there are 5 continents to visit: Afrika, South America, Asia, Oceania & South Pacific. All introducing North Americans to animals not found at ‘home’.

Walk into Afrika and be greeted by a lush Sahara with the corresponding native animals.


3. Plus, the ambience is all encompassing – architecture, art, music &…

a bit of fun, too.

What do I like to do chez Zoo de Granby?

Admire the jellyfish…

Enjoy some interaction by feeding a school of Sting Rays…

Become intimate with les Loriquets…

& chat with the Cockatiel ‘Bébé’.

With so much to do, le Zoo de Granby is not just for families. Physically attached, and included in the one ticket price, is Amazoo.

A themed waterpark with beaches, wave pools and scads of places to have picnics. Bring your own or purchase on site – la crème glacée, anyone ; )?!

Take in Hurkan, the Mayan Thunder God. Expect a wicked storm of lights, thunderous tribal music, mysterious hazy smoke and a generous down pour while riding the waves. It’s torrencially FUN.

If travelling to Quebec, make the special trip to Le Zoo de Granby. No matter the time of year, it’s worth every penny. Truth, mes amis. Find tickets HERE.

I’ll see you there, just look for ma nouvelle maman ; ).

Mlle Fab oo Keeper


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Bring Back the Bath Giveaway

By September 25, 2015 Beauty, M. Fab, Opening

We at immrfabulous.com love Canadian entrepreneurs, so when I met the two masterminds behind Bathorium, I was knew it was love at first bath.

Starting with the concept of ‘reinvigorating the bathing experience’, their passion and experimentation produced their first bath bombs. And no run-of-the-mill bath bombs either – they are vegan friendly, phthalate-free, hand-crafted, and 25% larger than traditional bath bombs.

“Who’s got time for baths anymore?”

You do!

It’s the ‘ultimate me-time’ activity. So grab that magazine and a glass of rosé, settle in and enjoy.

Available across North America via their online shop you can relax and unwind with 15 varieties as well as other bath-time essentials. Bathorium lines come in ‘Energize’, ‘Relax’, ‘Rejuvenate’, ‘Au Naturel’ and they even have a ‘Kids’ bomb; absolutely something for every bath time.

Live Well. Love Lots. Bath Beautifully is Bathorium’s motto and we would love for one lucky reader to bring back bathing into their life.

We are giving away a curated gift pack containing five of their newest and best-selling bath bombs!

There are two easy ways to enter:

#1. Follow me on twitter (@immfab) and tweet the following:

I want to #BringBackTheBath with @immfab and @Bathorium. #BombsAway

#2. Comment below and tell me: 

Which bath bomb you’d like to try first!

We will make the draw later this week. The contest is open to all North American readers.

Good luck!

M Fab Rub a Dub Dub

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My Feet Belong to ECCO

By September 24, 2015 Fashion, Shop

Late last month I was invited to one of the newest shops in Chinook Centre, Ecco, to explore their collection.

Not knowing a lot about the brand, I was blown away when they shared their quality construction methods with me.

From their mould poured technique  which permently keeps the body and base attached to one another, to their one-of-a-kind sole technology that guarantees the tred will never wear, I was impressed.

So impressed as a matter of fact that I purchased 4 pairs!

And now that I’ve started to wear them, I want more!

Butter soft premium leather, nubuck and suedes in everything from a black tie dress shoe, all the way to a very now and fashionable high top (which are totally my jam!).

And now, just when I thought I had enough Eccos to last me a lifetime the company has just shared with me that they’re launching a new style of shoe in November!

This is your first look at the INTRINSIC

Lightweight, flexible and based on natural motion principles.
Made comfortably functional and flexible using a knit fabric and leather combination, while other styles will be created with perforated or full soft leather uppers.

The intrinsic will offer ECCO fans (aka me!) a completely different look and feel while still committing to its world class quality and construction.

They’re interesting, lightweight and comfy; the perfect shoe.

If you’ve never worn a pair of ECCOs – trust me when I tell you – they’re all that and a bag of chips!

And I’ve got a craving for all of them!

Mr. Fab shoe

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An ‘Out of this World’ Giveaway! 

By September 23, 2015 Charity, Giveaway

In 1 month one of the most creative and unique charity events will be happening in Calgary.


This event is 1 of the top 3 charitable events I have ever attended and I wouldn’t dream of missing it!

Each year the team behind ReThink Breast Cancer’s Boobyball have re-created the event by changing its theme.

In the past I’ve attend Booby-U ( Alma mater themed event)

Camp Booby (A summer camp for adults)

BigTop Booby (a three ring circus affair)

And now this year, I’ll be boarding a spaceship and be heading into outer space for;

Planet Booby!

This is an event like no other and I want you there!

Tickets are almost sold out, so click HERE to purchase them before they’re gone.

Or take your chances and enter to win a pair from me!

You’ll have two ways to enter.

#1 Tweet the following:

Boarding a spaceship, destination Planet Booby with @immrfabulous! http://wp.me/p4pGht-4G4 See you in Outer Space!


#2 Leave a comment:

Tell me, ‘What’s your favourite space themed item?

I love shooting stars!

A winner will be chosen at random in 5 days!

Good luck, you really don’t want to miss this stellar event! (Stellar, see what I did there)

This party will be out of this world!

Mr. Fab last off!

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