DIY Plant Terrarium

By April 23, 2014 Shop

Because I’m always on the go, I’ve had to forgo the option to own anything that might be living. Children, pets and even plants would not survive in my care.

But last week, thanks to an Instagram post, hope was presented to me in the form of a photo by Lori Andrews (@theoriginal10cent) crediting @PlantTerrariums


This amazing new store, in the trendy community of Inglewood, has just opened… And caters to travellers such as myself who are seeking a bit of life in their homes.

Plant not only sells these low maintenance terrariums, they have staff who will help you customize your own design based on your home’s dynamics; taking into consideration natural light requirements, water schedules and size.

For my project I was hoping to use an existing apothecary jar I owned to created a welcome feature to my front entrance.

After discussing my home’s circumstances with the helpful staff, I was sent on my way with a bag full of supplies and the knowledge to build my own.

Plant terrarium Calgary MrFab (5)

The steps were easy, and required less work than concocting a layered bean dip.

Plant terrarium Calgary MrFab (6)

To finish it off, I added a piece of driftwood for texture and snuggled the leafy plant beside it.

The end result was a fresh and simplistic terrarium which added life into my front entrance.

Plant terrarium Calgary MrFab (2)

The total cost for project came in under $35.

$23 for all the ‘base ingredients’, plant and decor from Plant…  And $10 for the apothecary jar I picked up from an estate sale.

For next to nothing I was able to beautify my home.

Thanks Social Media for the great idea!

Mr. Fab arium


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So Long Strombo

By April 21, 2014 Famous Fridays, TV

After dinner my favourite thing to do is turn on the CBC to see who George Stroumboulopoulos was interviewing.

Not only is he Canada’s boyfriend with his magnetic personality and refined rocker look, he is an incredibly talented interviewer.


His interviews are the perfect mix of thoughtful, interesting and funny. He’s never a fanboy and always asks tough questions in ways that allow the guest to answer without feeling attacked.

I was able to attend two ‘George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight ’ show tapings here in Toronto, each time briefly chatting with George, post-show. He graciously stays after the taping answering questions, making small talk and posing for pictures. A true professional.


And now, ten years after the Gemini Award-winning talk show first aired on CBC, taping will end this week. ‘Strombo’ as he’s affectionately known is moving on – new gig, new network.

He will be the new face of Canadian hockey telecasting – anchoring Hockey Night in Canada for Rogers. A big switch for us, his loyal viewers, but a chance to get reacquainted with his sports-reporting roots.

We will sure miss you in that red chair, George! Now…if I only liked hockey…

M Fab oulopoulos

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Horsing Around with Odysseo

By April 18, 2014 Famous Fridays, Theatre, Travel

On April 23rd, the newest show from Cavalia’s Founder and Artistic Director Normand Latourelle will open in Calgary.


Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (7)

And yesterday afternoon when the 70 talented horses behind the incredible show ended their vacation, and returned to their home under the big top in Calgary…  I was there to welcome them!

Odyesso MrFab Calgary (Large)

I was lucky enough to see Odysseo during their Vancouver run, but yesterday I had the chance to see how their stage was built from ground up!

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (2)

The brand new tent, which has been constructed in Milan, is the largest tent in the world and is the approximate size of  1.5  regulation hockey rinks; but it’s what happens inside that is truly magic!

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (6)

As you step inside the tent on opening night, you’ll be welcomed into a world of enchanted beauty as the people and horses take you on an adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (1)

Now I don’t want to give away too much, but throughout the evening the arena will continue to transform before your eyes as horse and rider share with you a night filled with surprise and wonder!

And as of yesterday Odysseo announced they will be with us for a little longer than originally scheduled. Because of the overwhelming support in pre ticket sales, they have just added an additional 12 performances.

Odyesso Cirque Cavalia Calgary FAB (3)

Tickets start as low as $24.50 and I can assure you your memories will be worth so much more.

Odysseo is a show you can not afford to miss!

Mr. Fab sseo

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Eat, Drink & Be Merry

By April 17, 2014 Eat

Last week I attended a special public event that taught me you can indeed have it all!

Creative dishes paired with inspired cocktails held in a breathtaking venue all for an unbeatable price.

The “Signature Tasting Series”in the Opal at Auzuridge.

Azuridge Opal Room Signature Tasting Alberta (4)

The evening’s festivities began after a quick (included) shuttle out to Priddis, the home of Azuridge, where guests were welcomed with a glass of bubbles and encouraged to circulate and mingle through the Estate.

Azuridge Opal Room Signature Tasting Alberta (6)

The main event that night included 6 of Alberta finest chefs and mixologists (3 of each), who were invite to compete in teams to create the best tasting pairings.

Azuridge Opal Room Signature Tasting Alberta (1)

Armed with a voting sheet, the crowd mingled and snacked at their leisure as they contemplated which perfect duo to vote for.

And after a 2 hour tasty deliberation the winners were announced.

Azuridge Opal Room Signature Tasting Alberta (3)

Azuridge’s own proud chef, Chef Yoshi, with Alberta Waygu Beef two ways: beef on a bun, with a side of tender short-rib. And for the compliments, the Ladybear Garnet with a spritz of Absynthe by the famed Stephen Phipps of National’s Bourbon Room. A simplistic look with complex ingredients.

Azuridge Opal Room Signature Tasting Alberta (5)

Deserving winners indeed.

The night concluded and everyone was in agreeance:

3 superb plates paired with 3 unique cocktails, transportation, stationary food tables and a view like no other. It was the best $39 any of us had ever spent!

It’s no wonder that the event quickly sold out.

Azuridge Opal Room Signature Tasting Alberta (2)

Azuridge has figured out the science behind a perfect party, and you can bet everyone in attendance will be impatiently awaiting their next!

I hear it will involve desserts!

Mr. Fab tasting

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Running with Glow Sticks

By April 16, 2014 My Life

Lately I’ve been hitting the gym, trying to get my body back in to some kind of shape where I fit half of my clothing.

My plan of attack?

5 km treadmill sessions, also known as a 30 minute panicked nightmare

Running Girl

I’m a hot mess, but what is more distracting to passers-by than my excessive sweating is my awful knock-knee running form.

My run resembles the struggles of Winnie the Pooh trying to dislodge himself from the honey hole.

But just a few days ago I received an email telling me about an upcoming 5km fun run along the Bow River.

Show and Glow May 10th 2014

Show up, crack a glow stick and feel the breeze cool your sweaty brow!

Show and GLow

The best part of this is that it’s being put on by ‘It’s Date Night’, so if you’re looking for love or have a love, this is the perfect way to let them see the real you! Then it’s all up hill from there!

So if you’re mildly ashamed to run in full day light like myself, sign up for the Show & Glow 5km.

To make it even better, It’s Date Night have given my readers a promo code so you can save $10 off registration so you can keep your money for a ‘light-headed’ cocktail after the run!

To register head to their website HERE and enter promo code FABYYC at the checkout.

It’s time to get fit and have fun… in the dark!

See you May 10th!

Mr. Fab utter ball

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