One of a Kind Christmas Show Toronto 2015

By November 27, 2015 M. Fab, Shop, Travel

The FabFam, we love to shop. We love to shop Canadian and we love to shop for unique and interesting gifts. So for us, hitting up the Toronto One of a Kind Show each year is a total highlight.

With hundreds of vendors from across Canada, this show is on now until December 6th. So grab your credit card and thank us later.

There were so many outstanding and unique, passionate vendors this year it was hard to narrow down favourites, but here are eight of the top stalls I loved a lot.

Pomp & Ceremony – stall Q25

A Toronto-based company started by designer Andrea Dixon, this men’s accessory company creates bold, colourful statements in ties, bowties and pocket squares.

For the fashionable guy who is hard to buy for – these are the magic ticket.

Tania Love – stall S34


A Toronto-based artist who creates the most beautiful hand screen printed scarves that are dyed with plant based inks (she forages for herself) in small batches.


This creates one of kind creations that look more like an art piece than fashion accessory.

I am a ceramics lover and if you are too, you will not be disappointed at this year’s show. I think ceramics really are the star of the show with their diversity and creativity.

Two of my favourite ceramics artists were:

Grace Eun Mi Lee – stall N08


Her quirky, yet practical designs are informed by micro-organisms.

Her creatures are so imaginative and memorable. I think a perfect gift for those who have everything. Who doesn’t need a grinning ring holder?


I also loved the sculptural designs of Montreal-based artist, Isabelle Huotcéramix – stall R37.


Delicate looking and filled with gorgeous pastel- coloured glazes.

Bags and Purses! There are a lot of stalls with really unique patterns and styles of bags and purses.

Hand & Feet Handmade – stall W57


Based out of Hamilton, H&F was one of my favourites because each eye-catching bag is completely hand-made from her own patterns.

Dani Press – stall F05


Her stationary is great, but this girl has pizazz. A hustler of the very best kind. Dani, a passionate dream follower, took her love of photography and travel and created a stationary company that donates 10% of their profits to

Phaulet – stall A06


A textile and surface company, I was attracted to their wall of vibrant pillows. I need that flamingo pillow in my life!

Sartoria – stall V52


When you think cashmere, you think sweater. Well, Sartoria thinks underwear! The softest, most luxurious, old-timey style underwear you could ever imagine. Made from upcycled cashmere and merino wool, these are the most luxurious and cozy underwear you’ll ever slip into. And yes, the sparkly crown pair is on my list…

From ceramics to bags, for everyone on your list. You have until December 6th to shop this unique show.

M Fab ChristmasElf

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Holiday Windows of NYC 2015

By November 26, 2015 Christmas in NYC

If you like glitter and lights and holiday glamour at every turn, take a trip to the city that doesn’t sleep. There is no place like New York at Christmas.

Two years ago the Fab Fam all descended upon NYC and told you about our favourite holiday window displays.

This year I rolled solo, so to share the beauty my eyes are still trying to recover from, here is a photo diary of the most amazingly glitzy and completely festive windows NYC has to offer this year:

Two years ago we all adored the Bergdorf Goodman’sHoliday on Ice’ window and they, once again, captured my heart. So many sparkles, so much glitz and drama.


A Merman bedazzled in pearls!


A Rub-haired Queen and her crystal-encrusted guards.


Next is Saks & Company. A massive store with so many windows all decorated in a romantic, Winter Palace theme.

Oh, the opulence!

Dramatic and enchanting.


If I was her, I couldn’t decide what cake to eat first either!


Iconic 5th Avenue store – Tiffany’s & Co also came out strong.

So intricate with the focus on their extraordinary gems and jewels.


Dolce & Gabana are having some fun with a space-themed window.

Kate Spade has rotating mannequins with giant bows for heads.


McKenzie Childs, in a similar feel to Kate Spade, has rotating mannequins with lamps for heads.


David Yurman has a startled looking rabbit.


And let us not forget Barney’s New York. Each window has a different, yet complementary theme – ICE.

Their area with collaboration from Ice Castles was created over two weeks of 24/7 care, created by three ‘ice farmers’, using 500 gallons of water and creating 2000 colour-changing icicles.


Stores were not only decorating their windows. Cartier is wrapping the whole store up in a bow.


Harry Winston looks like a regal, old-timey mansion along 5th Ave.

Dior was lit up while their windows are filled with colourful ornaments, contrasting their neutral clothing.


The lights, the sights, the sounds.

Only in NYC and only during the holidays.

M Fab ChristmasLightsLover

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Pajar X Sports Experts

By November 25, 2015 Fashion, Mlle Fab, What to Wear Wednesdays

Let’s be honest. Winter on the east coast is like stepping into a walk-in freezer in a bikini. The humidity is that BRUTAL. I have actually played with the idea of belting a duvet around myself. True story.

But this year, I am incredibly lucky as Pajar X Sports Experts sent me a gorgeous “Brooklyn” winter jacket!

Not only will I be actually WARM this year, but I will also look STYLISH. That’s right mes amies, it’s actually possible to be comfortable and not look like the Michelin Man at -40! I know!

This Québec brand knows winter weather and what it takes to keep your tush toasty. Water resistant and down filled. You will be nicely roasting, but feel like you’re only wearing air.

Remember walking into a metro/subway/mall and DYING of heat in your winter coat? Pajar X Sports Experts has your back. Literally. A special feature are the inner straps. Hook onto your shoulders & wear as a CAPE. Breathe easy and have your arms free for mulled cider toasts!

Let me take a moment for the hood. ANGELS SINGING Mes amis. The fur is SO SOFT.

Not only is it FULLY COVERED inside, but it’s also removable for easy cleaning or to wear without. I can’t even.

Here’s the truth. I’m going to sleep in my hood. IT’S. THAT. GOOD.

The extra bonus? There is an inner pocket with a headphone jack access. Um. Pajar X Sports Experts understands that I love listening to my jam while catching snowflakes on my tongue. Merci Beaucoup!

How can Pajar X Sports Experts get any better?

1 They make coats for ladies AND GENTLEMEN. Your sweetie’s hot cross buns will be covered!

2 For my animal lovers, Pajar X Sports Experts feels you by manufacturing ethically. The down in their coats is a by-product of the food industry. It’s never live-plucked or live-harvested.

As for the furs, they come from the strictly regulated North American and International Fur Trade Federation. The animals are never an endangered species and are not subject to inhumane treatment or live harvested.

Keeping me warm while giving me a figure in -40 and is ethically made? ABSO-FRIGGIN-LUTELY.

I adore my new jacket. A HUGE MERCI BEAUCOUP to Pajar X Sports Experts. You made this lady feel very special. Try one of their winter styles yourself and I can guarantee that you’ll feel the same!

Mlle Fab inter Ready


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Shop Canada

By November 24, 2015 Breakfast Television, Holiday Gifts

I’m a big fan of my country.

Wide open spaces, endless culture and amazingly talented creators, entrepreneurs and artisans.

And this Christmas I’ll be holiday gift shopping for my friends and family, exclusively Canadian!

These are some of my favourite products from across the Canada!

From West to East.

Victoria Gin

This boutique style distillery has developed a style of Oaked Gin.

Oak Casked Aged, this gin leaves the overpowering juniper taste behind (what people often refer to as Christmas Tree taste).

What’s left is a very unique style gin with a warm oaky flavour profile with notes of vanilla & caramel

Vancouver Candle Co.

If you’ve ever visited Vancouver you’re sure to have fallen in love with 1 or 2 of their interesting suburbs.

From their original shops and restaurants to their friendly locals, each one has its unique flair.

And now, you can re-live your travel with a scented locally made, 100% soy candle with a scent that will remind you of the community you love most.

Hillberg & Berk

Move over T & Co. this collection is a favourite of the Queen! In 2013, Saskatchewan based owner/designer Rachel Mielke was commissioned to create a unique brooch for Her Majesty. And since that day Elizebeth has been spotted wearing it on several occasions.

This Saskatchewan born collection has something for everyone.

Classic and limited edition pieces that will have you sparkling right at your next holiday party.

Their Sparke Ball earrings are by far the company’s most well spotted item and with justfull cause.

They go with everything! From casual to black tie, these earrings are a must for every woman.

Bakers Krate

Hello sweet delicious Winnipeg!

This one of kind monthly subscription offers the opportunity for Canadians to taste their wares!

Each month a selection of local baking from some of the city’s best bakers is curated into a well balance confection box of tastiness!

This is a gift that’s almost to good to be true!

Swell Made Co

Each  year Toronto hosts one of the country’s largest groups of artisans at The One of a Kind Show

Thousands of local vendors arrive with very unique had crafted products. And Swell Made Co. cards and prints are one of my favourites.

Produced on heavy card stock with gold ink, their fun and whimsical prints are playful & perfect for framing.

And coming soon, a FAB collaboration with this amazing brand!

Her items are hand crafted and indeed One of a Kind!

Frank & Oak

This Montreal based men’s clothier is making its way across Canada with its quaint boutiques

Creative fabrics, classic styles and an unbeatable price point will have the guy on your list looking fab! (This is one of my favourite clothing brands)…

Now if absoulte ‘Canada’s your thing and you prefer to stay clear of the malls, the newest app Giftagram is for you!

Download the app and choose from hundreds of items that can then be shopped and shipped to your recipient’s door steps in just a matter of days.

Type in the promo code ‘MRFABULOUS’ and I’ll take $10 off your first purchase!

From truly Canadian companies like Hudson Bay to local artisans sprinkled across the country. The variety seems endless.

And to show my Canadian readers how much I love them, I’ll be gifting an item from every brand in this story!

All you have to do is leave me a comment below or send me a tweet telling me what great Canadian item is your favourite!

I’ll randomly be selecting & contacting commenters below over the next couple of days to award them their choice!

Let me know and good luck!

Mr. Fab anada

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Ogilvy en Fête

By November 20, 2015 Activities, Beauty, Charity, Drink, Eat, Fashion, Makeup, Mlle Fab

‘Tis the season to be thankful. For family, friends & health. Unfortunately, some struggle on the health front and need a bit of extra help.

Enter the stunningly beautiful Ogilvy; they’re there to help. 

And I was lucky enough to in attendance at their 6th annual fundraiser supporting the children’s hospital Sainte-Justine: Ogilvy en Fête!

Maison Ogilvy is a Montréal based store that behaves as beautifully as its luxury items. Talk about heart. Last year, the massive soirée raised close to $250,000 for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation.

Judging by Wednesday evening’s attendance, I’m certain that the 6th annual Ogilvy en Fête will be just as successful!

Here’s what the evening looked like:

As I wondered the 6th floor building I was greeted with canapés & cocktails on every level. There were even cappuccino & spring water stations for those who were playing it straight. Fret not about toppling over your stilettos! 

Entertainment was sprinkled all throughout the boutiques. From a live band to wandering drag Elsas, they even had an artist doing portrait renderings.

Creatively Cool!

Make-up artists happily introduced new items as well as sharing complimentary stunning holiday looks.


The main event is the fashion show, which is walked by local celebrities.

I’m still learning the Québec ‘star system‘, but judging from the crowds’ screams, they were all BIG DEALS.

I have two fav moments from the fashion show.

#1. An 11yr old girl slowly made her way to crouch near the front of the catwalk.

She happily kneeled on the floor. Her head was locked on the models. It warmed my heart to see her so intent on taking in the clothes.

And then, when she actually got a chair to SIT IN THE FRONT ROW, she turned around and gave her mum the BIGGEST BEAMING SMILE that lit up the room. I didn’t capture on camera as I was too busy giggling at her joy. So charming!

#2. The closer of the fashion show was THE BOMB.

A beautiful young woman who happens to be a patient at Sainte-Justine, walked and OWNED a stunning strapless ball gown.

Perfectly Pretty!

So, why should you attend Ogilvy en Fête next year? 

As you’re swilling champers & digesting decadent morsels, you’re also raising money for the children’s hospital AND AS A BONUS you’ll also receiving 15% off in participating boutiques! I KNOW!

Ogilvy en Fête is a delightful fundraiser that I was TICKLED PINK to attend. I cannot wait to hear about the amount raised for the CHU Sainte-Justine Foundation. Next year can’t come soon enough, expect my RSVP in the mail!

Mlle Fab en Fête


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