5 Picks For CIFF

By September 19, 2014 Theatre

Last night marked the beginning of the Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF) with a star studded gala, and what I believe has been the best gala film chosen in the last 5 years.


The Young and Prodigious T.S Spivet


Filmed partly in Canada, the movie was visually appealing from start to finish.


The story follows a ten-year-old cartographer who secretly leaves his family’s ranch in Montana where he lives with his cowboy father and scientist mother to travels across the country aboard a freight train in order to receive an award at the Smithsonian Institute.

The film was well acted, offered a few chuckles and stirred up emotions.

A film I would recommend.

But over the next week and a half, dozens of films will be shown and each year I turn to my good friend Jasmine to help me pick 5 films that are a ‘Must See’.

Take it away Jasmine!

Well it’s that time of year again, CIFF has returned to YYC!!

Every year by the end of August I obsessively watch every available film fest preview and frantically schedule in all my choices for the year. So many great films to choose from as usual but an overwhelming amount of this year’s headliners look amazing!!

So fantastic that I’m gonna try to see them all! But for those who have a little less time to commit, here are my 5 top picks!!

Hector and the Search For Happiness


Starring my beloved Simon Pegg as a middle aged psychiatrist stuck in a dull routine until he wakes up one day and wants to start living again. He begins his journey around the globe in search of the secret to finding happiness. This one will be a funny feel good choice, plays Sept 19 @ 7pm

Maps to the Stars


A David Cronenberg film starring Julianne Moore, John Cusack, and Robert Pattinson, follows the troubled Weiss family struggling for normalcy while living the Hollywood “dream”. This searing satire is sure to entertain, plays Sept 20 @ 9:30pm



Featuring an all-star cast Steve Carrell, Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo in this heart pounding drama about an eccentric wrestling coach that has been able to buy his way to victory all his life. Using a pair of Olympic wrestling champion brothers, he becomes dangerously obsessed with winning, resulting in an event that creates haunting consequences. This real life tale will definitely shock and amaze, plays Sept 21 @ 7pm



With a stellar cast including Dustin Hoffman and Kathy Bates is a tale of an orphaned boy sent to a historical boarding school. Stet is a recently orphaned 11 year old ripped from his small Texas town and sent to the American Boychoir boarding school. Stet is not happy to say the least but this doesn’t prevent his choirmaster from seeing his immense talent and potential. Much of the filming actually takes place at this historic school as well as a worldwide search was undertaken to cast the role of Stet! I’m really excited about this musical drama, plays Sept 24 @ 6:45pm

Elsa & Fred


Starring Academy Award winners Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer is a true love story about a bubbly retiree and a straight laced widower. From the moment they meet, Elsa breathes life back into Fred as they begin their adventure chasing her dream with a trip to the Trevi Fountain. This heart warming drama proves you are never too old to fall in love, plays Sept 27 @ 7pm

5 fantastic picks and even if you can only see one of these films I assure you, you will leave satisfied!

See you there!

Mr. Fab & Jasmine

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Sip, Snack & Shop. Nordstrom’s Canadian Gala

By September 18, 2014 Eat, Shop, VIP

Nordstrom has officially arrived in Canada and last their sold out gala permanently set the bar for all future Galas.

A few days ago I was able to share a sneak peek of the interior, click here to see, and today I’m sharing the food and festivities as seen by the 1800 guests in attendance at last night’s Gala that raised $180,000 for Alberta Children’s Hospital.


Imagine you’re reliving the 80’s. Your favourite movies are Mannequin, and Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Mix them together, warp them forward 30 years, and you’ve got endless desserts and designers.


From Vegan Brownies to Chocolate this and Carmel that, the treats were sweet.


Pairing with Hotel Arts creative chefs endless options were presented.

Savoury macaroons like Caprese Lemon Ricotta & Fresh Basil and  Foie Grad, Apricot Jelly & Pistachio were laid out for the discerning crowd to devour.


But say you were off refined sugar and working on your low-carb body?

Then the Lamb Chops and pork buns might have been more palette pleasing…


This indeed was the night of all nights.

It was fashion distraction paired with food attraction!

It was Prada’s & Pops!


These colourful chocolate truffle pops were as mouth watering as the shoe department they were found in!

It was time to wash the first floor down and head to the next… So I grabbed a cucumber soda and headed upstairs for more.


There, I found the most adorable plate of sushi  I have ever seen.


The perfect selection of pieces with a dropper full of soya sauce was exactly what this food-aholic needed.

Then it was off to the children’s department…. For cocktails!


A fully stocked bar housing all the right fixings including and endless selection of wines.

After a few sips of scotch it was time to dance.


Now I’ve been to weddings that have live bands. Most are worthy of an eye roll and a sigh.

But Toronto recording artist, Sean Jones, literally whipped the crowd into such a frenzy that the party’s 9:30pm end-time was tossed right out the window.

After developing the perfect glow, it was time to head out, but not before grabbing some Beef Carpaccio and a Mushroom Soup for the road.


It was so delicious that I literally had to be dragged away from the table by a friend.


As I headed for the door I knew this was a party I’d never forget.

But Nordstrom, the world’s most gracious host, wasn’t done with us yet.

All party goers were sent home with fresh flowers.


Checkmate, Nordstrom wins!

This was the most perfectly executed party I have ever attended.

No details were over looked and guests left with bags filled Cavallis and Crostinis.

Nordstrom, you have made a splash in Canada with your first store and have given Calgarians a night we will never forget!

We love YOUR style!

Mr. Fab gala

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By September 17, 2014 NYFW S/S15, Shop

During NYFW, trends, ideas and colour palettes emerged of what Spring/Summer 2015 will look like.

Through the many shows, I gathered a clear understanding of what’s to come… And last week at Lincoln Center one particular designer’s collection best encapsulated the entire concept.


Georgine Invite

The NY based designer hit the nail on the head with each look that breezed down the runway.

“I was inspired by the photographs of Slim Aarons, which are quite classic; but also the wild hedonism of the glamorous demimonde who descended onto Saint-Tropez during the summers of the 70s”

Flow-y sheer fabrics seemed to float on the models as the soft and delicate colour palette transported us onto a yacht at sea.


Perfectly placed cut outs showed us a little skin but kept things rich and private.


From dresses to swim wear, it was clear Georgine knows how to design for a woman’s body.


The entire collection was empowering yet delicate, sophisticated yet young & free.


And lastly, there were the squeal-worthy clutches!

(yes, I squealed!)


A collaboration with  Max Steiner Design saw creative surfboard style clutches attached by cord and affixed to the wrist with beautiful cuffs.

A genius design that mixes multiple accessories for an all encompassing look.

Like I said, I’ve seen a lot of interesting pieces, but for me personally GEORGINE had it all.

A collection & designer to continue to watch.

Mr Fab gine

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First Look Inside Nordstrom Canada

By September 16, 2014 Shop, VIP

It is undeniable that Canada will be watching as the beloved American luxury department store opens their first retail store in Canada this Friday.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (5)

Nordstrom will call Calgary, AB home first and will follow by opening stores across the country in 2015. Ottawa next, followed by their largest store in Vancouver, BC.

But yesterday, as possibly the luckiest blogger, I was invited to enter the blacked out storefront to explore their new digs and drool over their collections; some of which will be making their first appearance in Canada.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (35)

And what I saw satisfied me beyond my wildest expectations!

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (46)

Here are several things that made me go WOW!

1. Shoes

Nordstrom started their business as a shoe store, so we all expect pretty great things from that department.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (11)

Well they certainly haven’t failed there, the store will house 5 shoe departments! 3 women’s, 1 men’s, and 1 children’s.

For women, luxury designers like Valentino have arrived with classic and daring choices.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (12)

While the fashion huntresses will be hot & heavy exploring new lines like the SJP collection which is exclusive to Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (10)

Finally Calgary can channel Carrie Bradshaw realness!

2. Cosmetics

A new way to shop cosmetics will show counters without divisions.

Side by side and in a line, shoppers will be able to view & compare brands at a glance as products have been made easily accessible.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (25)

One of the newest and most interesting concepts, that I’ve never seen before, will be available to customers as well:

A Beauty Concierge.

A staffed desk which offers shoppers answers and advice on trends, product comparisons and brands.

If you saw something in a magazine but have no idea where to start, the beauty concierge is your perfect helper. This will also be a great resource for men shopping for their ladies with no idea what’s in that crinkled tube or empty compact.

3. Kids

You got ‘em, Nordstrom loves them.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (41)

They have an expansive department for you to shop, and a place to make your children to feel special in.

A playhouse for the little ones to craft while you “ohhh” & “awww” over their private label collection.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (42)

But the thoughtfulness doesn’t end there…

Nordstrom will offer fun events like shoe tying classes.

And to make your child’s first shoe buying experience memorable, they’ll receive a complimentary ‘Nordie’ to commemorate the event.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (37)

It’s virtually a child’s Oscar for “Best in Shoe”.

Oh… And Calgary, home of the Calgary Stampede, check out these perfect boots at a ridiculously low price point! ($39.95)

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (38)

4. Sip and Snack

I had heard of the EBar, a small in store coffee shop that offers coffees and snacks to go.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (24)

But what was news to me was the full-on restaurant included in the Calgary concept: Bazille… It is only the 3rd of its kind!

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (2)

Not only did I get a chance to view the menu which varies from Ginger Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad, Prime Rib French Dip and Grilled shrimp & Asparagus Risotto; The chefs were kind enough to satisfy my sweet tooth by packing me up a Bread Pudding to go.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (7)

Hands down this is the best bread pudding I’ve had to date, and trust me, I am an expert when it comes to desserts!

5. Men’s

Yes guys, we finally have a entire area to call our own!

Fragrances and skin care products are all housed in the men’s department.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (15)

Shoes & suits so close together that you could practically put together an entire look by reaching left to right.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (14)

With endless amounts of designer denim and stylishly cool pairings to compete your look.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (18)

Guys will finally have a place to be guys!

6. Oh Canada

Nordstrom hasn’t come unprepared. They have been hard at work to understand our culture and embrace our people.

As such, they have styled the store walls by using 17 unique pieces of art by 11 Canadian Artists.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (16)

A fact that might go unnoticed by some, but is certainly a considerate touch.

7. The Party Room

Gossip with your girlfriends whist draping yourself in delectable fashions. The women’s fitting room in their BP department offers a unique concept:

Adjoining curtained fitting rooms.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (44)

No longer will you have to sashay in front of strangers when shopping with friends. The room is double the size, with a mirror on each end and a divider curtain in between… When you’re both ready to reveal your looks, just pull the curtain back and judge each other in private.

Nordstrom has certainly come to Canada with a new fresh look on shopping.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (34)

At an expansive 140,000 sq feet it’s a place loaded with new concepts, new brands and delicious wares which will keep you occupied all day long.

I am so excited to hear the reviews after the store opens to the public on Friday, September 19th.

They’ve certainly blown me away and I’m certain you’ll feel the same way.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (29)

Thank you to all my new friends at Nordstrom for sharing this first look with myself and my readers.

You say “We Love Your Style, Calgary” and I say “We Love You” right back!

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (4)

Welcome to your new home!

Mr. Fab strom

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Vasanti Lipshine Giveaway

By September 15, 2014 Giveaway, M. Fab

I have a love/hate relationship with lipgloss.

High shine – good.

Sticky sticky pasty mouth – bad.

Being a makeup lover, I was all over the lipgloss fad of the early 2000s. Nothing beat M.A.C’s Lipglass in my books. The love was strong until I walked outside in any sort of breeze and every single strand of hair got stuck onto my lips. Hair was not all that got stuck. I remember one time, there was a fly. A whole fly. Stuck to my lips (shudder).

At that moment I tossed lipglosses for lipsticks and have never turned back.

So long Venus flytrap lips.

Then I was sent four Vasanti Cosmetics Lipshines the other day.  They looked like lipgloss, so suddenly a cold chill ran down my spine… It is wasp season here in Toronto.


But call me pleasantly surprised. They have a zero stickiness factor. They’re creamy and soft. So soft I was sure they’d drip off my face, especially in the Toronto humidity. But I was wrong again!

They stayed put, wore beautifully and even after drinks and snacks there was still a hint of lingering pigment.

In four universally-flattering colours named after famous rivers, they range from neutral to bold.


Vasanti Cosmetics is a Canadian beauty brand. They develop makeup and skincare products encouraging women to embrace their unique characteristics while enhancing their natural beauty.

Very reasonably priced and available online at vasanticosmetics.com, in select Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall across Canada… Or available to two lucky readers!!

Wahoo! Two lucky winners will take home one of the adorable mason jars filled with the four featured Vasanti Lipshines, packed full of candy.

As always, you’ll have two ways to enter:

#1. Tweet the Following

Love makeup? @immrfabulous is giving away 2 @VasantiCosmetics prize packs with 4 must-have lipshine shades.


#2. Like us on Facebook and leave us a comment telling us which Vasanti Lipshine colour is your favourite.

Two random winners will be chosen next week.

Good luck. We can’t wait to have our readers try these new products first!

M.Fab Fly Trap Lips

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