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By May 23, 2017 Travel

I am proud to be Canadian. Proud of our culture, wide open spaces, places to adventure to and our iconic brands that have given us the opportunity to travel and explore.

Last week, Ford Canada (which was established in Canada in 1904) offered me the opportunity to meld all of my favourite Canadian things together and hit the open roads in their all-new 2017 F150 Raptor SuperCrew. 

So I called up some friends and chirped some demands at its voice activated navigation system and with that we were off for a truly Canadian adventure!

First stop, body fuel, in Nanton Alberta at:

The Candy Store

With 1 foot inside you are imediatly warped back to your childhood with an endless selection of candies from the past!

Pixie Sticks, Astro Pops, Slush Puppies and Popeye Candy Sticks, the Nanton Candy Store not only has everything you couldn’t afford to buy with your $3 weekly allowance, it’s got dozens of over-seas favourites and new sweet dentists nighmares that you can’t wait to buy and try!

After a 30 minute shopping spree, we were back in the Raptor, Sony Audio System bumping out Sirus 90’s on 9 and we were sugar shaking off to our next experience.

Vulcan Alberta in honour of Star Trek’s 50 Year Anniversary!

Beam me (and my friends) up Scottie!

Named after the Roman God of Fire, Vulcan was put on the global map after the creation of Star Trek and its namesake sharing that of Mr. Spocks home world!

Capitalizing on this coincidence, the town has built a Star Trek–themed tourist station (the Tourism and Trek Station), which provides tourist information, displays Star Trek memorabilia, provides unique photo opportunities, and allows visitors to participate in The Vulcan Space Adventure virtual reality game.

A nearby replica of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek V has been mounted on a pedestal which includes writing from Trek alien languages like Klingon and makes a perfect Instagrammable backdrop

The town has also created space-themed murals and signs, and hosts an annual community-wide Star Trek convention known as “Spock Days”; a convention which attracts hundreds of Star Trek fans from around the world.

After our chilly adventure on the planet Vulcan, we jumped back into the Raptor, turned on the heated seats (equipped on both the front and back seats) and headed off road into the rolling hills of the Alberta ranching landscape for some more beautifully rural photos.

Then, after hours spent getting the perfect shots, it was time to fill our tanks with a visit to Claresholm, Alberta to eat at ROY’s

After seeing their cinnamon bun be featured on ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ over a year ago, I have been brown sugar and butter dreaming everynight since!

Now was my chance to make it a reality!

And as luck would have it, me and the crew scooped up the last 4 hot buns

So with taught tummys we boarded the Raptor, opened the twin panel moon roof, set the adaptive cruise control and practical let the F-150 guide us back to city slicker life.

There are so many great places to visit throughout Canada, and with so many in my backyard, having the opportunity to ‘Go Further’ with Ford and take avantage of our province’s special places was a great way to celebrate with friends!

Now to make a game plan to proudly explore other places across our nation!

Go Canada, Go Further

Mr. Fab alberta


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Time for a VACAY

By May 19, 2017 freelance

In 2014, after a conversation with fellow blogger and freelance travel writer Jody Robbins, I decided I would pitch a column to the popular travel website Vacay.

Warp to 2017, after many years of me procrastinating and I have some exciting news!

I am now the LGBTQ Columnist for the amazing travel focused website!

My future stories will focus on great events, activities and experiences across Canada.

Stay tuned, the world of Vacay is about to get a little more colorful!

Mr. Fab for vacay

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Not Your Ordinary Caesar!

By May 18, 2017 Drink

In 1969 restaurant owner Walter Chell created the world’s first Caesar cocktail in Calgary, Alberta!

Pairing the simplistic ingredients of vodka, clam and tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce and other spices, Walter’s newest drink was an immediate hit… And within 5 years of its introduction, it had become one of Calgary’s most popular mixed drinks.

Since then, its fame has spread like wildfire; the Caesar has become an iconic staple of Canadian culture, and restaurants across the country have elevated the Caesar to epic proportions.

Adding in other ‘truly Canadian’ fixings, the Caesar Stack ($18) from Cleaver in Calgary offers its signature version to eat like a meal.

Topped with charred jalapeño waffle, beef slider, deep fried chicken, corn dog, house bacon and drizzled with maple syrup – the fixings are worthy of a standing ovation.

And now, another Canadian brand favourite, French’s, is sharing the love for the iconic cocktail by creating a way for their fans (like me) to easily enjoy at home all year long with an exceptional base mix!

French’s new to market Original and Fully Loaded Caesar mix will help you go beyond your ordinary and will have have you looking like a hero mixologist.

Not only is French’s paying homage to a cocktail our Country has invented, they are ensuring it’s Canada proud by producing and bottling it in Canada and by using 100% Canadian tomatoes in the mix.

They’ve even created the perfect ‘True North Caesar‘ recipe as inspiration.


15 g celery salt
15 g fine maple sugar
15 g seasoning salt
236 mL French’s Not Your Ordinary Caesar™ Original Cocktail Mix
50 mL good vodka like Polar Ice® Vodka
3 dashes FRENCH’S® Worcestershire Sauce
pinch of salt & pepper
1 dash FRANK’S RedHot® Original Cayenne Pepper Sauce
1 Celery stalk
1 piece crispy bacon if desired


MIX the celery salt, maple sugar and the seasoning salt together. Spread on flat dish.
RIM glass with seasoning by wetting rim of glass with a slice of lime; then turn glass upside down into seasoning and twist. Stand up and let dry.
FILL the glass with ice, pour in Polar Ice® Vodka and Caesar mix. Add the Worcestershire ,salt and pepper and Frank’s RedHot Sauce.
ADD celery stick and stir well. Garnish with bacon and whatever else you fancy.

I’ve made it, I’ve drank it, I love it!

So in honour of French’s 2 new mixes combined with the fact that it’s National Caeser Day,  I’ve decided to share my inspired creation of a FAB Caesar using some of my favourite local brands sundry items.

Calgary sure does shine when it comes to creative and local ingredients!

This is the ‘True North Strong and FAB‘ Caesar.


500ml (2 cups) French’s Not Your Ordinary Caesar™ Fully Loaded Cocktail Mix (I love it spicy) 
50 ml good vodka like Polar Ice® Vodka
1 tsp of Chef Roger Mooking Hot Sauce (available at Social Eatery in Telus Spark)
1 pickled Carrot from MADE Foods
1 Saucy Ladies Pickled Asparagus
1 piece of Cajun Beef Jerky from Urban Butcher 


FILL the glass with Caesar mix. Add in Roger Mooking Hot Sauce and stir
ADD in ice, pour in Polar Ice® Vodka, Stir.
GARNISH with asparagus, carrot and beef jerky.

And now, as it’s the only proper thing to do, it’s time to sip endless amounts of Caesars with friends and celebrate our Canadian heritage together!

Hope you enjoy French’s new Caesar Mix as much as I do!

Mr. Fab mix

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