Cocktails For Charity

By October 22, 2014 Charity, Eat

There are a lot of great ways to support charities.
I’ve sorted at Food Banks, Grown a Moustache, and Walked a Mile in Heels.

But this week, thanks to my friends at Bar C, I’ll be sitting and sipping all to support a good cause.

Celebrating their 2nd birthdayBar C wanted to thank the community for its support and give back to those in need.


From today until Saturday, October 26, stop by and order one of their newest cocktails on their fall menu and they will donate approximately 50% of the purchase to the charity of YOUR choice.

With each purchase of the daily featured cocktail you’ll be given a form where you’ll pick from 1 of 6 charities to make your donation to.


This is the most enjoyable donation you’ll ever make!

I personally have already had a chance to sample all the cocktails, and I know which one I’ll be drinking and donating the most from.

Here’s the cocktail line up for the rest of the week at Bar C.

Smoked Buffalo – Wednesday 22nd


Grapefruit Negroni – Thursday 23rd


French 68 – Friday 24th


Long Ginger Dress - Saturday 25th


The Doll Eye - Sunday 26th


My personal favourite?
The French 68!
Oo La La! I’ll be making a healthy donation to Big Brothers & Big Sisters!

So call up a few friends, it’s time to drink up some support!

Mr. Fab bar


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Top Picks from Toronto’s Delicious Food Show

By October 21, 2014 Eat, M. Fab

As I now (slowly) come out of my pastry-induced coma, I can share with you my top picks from the incredibly Delicious Food Show this weekend in Toronto.

The Delicious Food Show is a three day food-lover’s paradise bringing all the biggest names in food, together in one place.

There was so much to see…  But more importantly, so much to taste!


Being invited to the media tour and breakfast gave me a sneaky peek at the exhibition stalls before everything was set up, as well as a backstage look at the exclusive Chef Series Kitchen where we ran into the incredibly talented Canadian Chef Chuck Hughes.


A friendly and funny way to start the morning, our next stop was breakfast served by the culinary talents at BUCA (Toronto’s top restaurant of 2014).

Thinking it rude not to try all the pastries


And then… To top off an exciting morning, the Delicious Food Show held a media-only panel interview with the one and only Mario Batali – legendary chef, author, Croc-enthusiast and TV star… Along with Chuck Hughes, Tyler Florence (Food Network veteran star for the past 19 years), and Toronto’s pride: Rob Gentile of BUCA fame.


Feeling inspired by their combined passion for real food, love of the farmer, and creativity in the kitchen, I left the interview with a new hop in my step as I ventured out into the exhibition hall, wanting to find the best Toronto has to offer for you: our readers!

Here are my top picks from the show:

Parachute Coffee

Now here’s a genius idea. A monthly subscription delivery service for freshly roasted, Canadian, small-batch coffee. Parachute Coffee ships coffee from a different roaster every month to subscribers across the country. Award winning coffee from Canada’s doorstep, delivered to yours.


The Canadian Birch Company 

Not just maple syrup anymore! Canada is home to a rich birch tree population and the most delicious syrup comes from them. From rich and thick to light amber, The Canadian Birch Company’s syrups come in three flavours. Put it on your pancakes… Or in your cocktails.


Strauss Water 

Does the idea of instant boiling water sound good to you? How about 99% bacteria removal? Strauss Water is a monthly-subscription, water purification service that not only provides you this sleek purification unit but installs it, maintains it and removes it.

Seriously, no more buying expensive plastic bottles of water, no more waiting for the kettle to boil, no more forgetting to change your filters. I love the idea of this machine and I think you will too!

If you want to see more pictures from this event, check out my Instagram@immfab. There’s a really awesome shot of Chuck Hughes and me… And our special guests, the double chin twins.

M Fab Pastry Puff

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Perfectly Perez

By October 20, 2014 Famous Fridays, My Life, NYFW S/S15

Last month as I party hopped during NYC fashion week, I found myself sipping cocktails at a rather peculiar party in honour of Barbie’s fashion!

BarbieStyle Fashion Event NYC

And as I sashayed around the room and turned a corner, there he was!

No, it wasn’t Barbie’s lover Ken, it was celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton.

Now, meeting a celebrity or notable person can be a volatile situation; like sneaking up on a caged animal, you can never guess the reaction you’ll receive. So I decided to proceed with caution.

Perez is known for his written lashings on celebrities, I wondered how he might retaliate towards a pestering blogger.

He was surrounded by security, and he was in the midst of being interviewed on camera so I began to nonchalantly peruse a collection of Barbie dresses as I wiggled my way closer & closer.

Suddenly, Perez concluded the interview, and before I knew it he was being escorted through the back exit of the tent.

For most, the dream of a selfie would have ended right there, but not for me.

Like a puma on a barren terrain, I began to sprint. Pink plastic kitten heels landed in my wake: I was on the hunt.


As I exited the tent I spotted him, pulled a quick U-turn and began walking towards him as if I were out for a leisurely mid-afternoon stroll.

“Oh, Perez Hilton!” I exclaimed… “Hi, How are you?”

He stopped and humoured me just as if we were old high-school friends being reunited and replied:

“I’m great! How are you?”

For a moment we exchanged a few blah blah blahs and when the moment was right I asked for my selfie; To which he kindly obliged!


A snap later and the photo memory was mine!

The hungry gossip lion didn’t attack and he was nothing but kind.
It was an absolute pleasure and surprise to have met him!

Mr. Fab Hilton

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Goro + Gun: Tasty Japanese Cuisine

By October 16, 2014 Eat

Last year, I took a two week long vacation and ended up in Japan.

Like most, I was there to experience the culture. The downfall? I only spoke English.

This proved a difficult problem when dining out… Everything was in Japanese.

So I decided to be risky and pointed to pick.


And that was my last night not eating at McDonald’s. I vowed I’d never eat Japanese again!

But last night, Calgary’s Goro + Gun, with their sleek modern look, called to me like a siren of the sea… And before I could resist I was sitting at a long communal style table eyeing up their newly launched menu.


The words were printed in English so I started with what I knew, Beef Tataki.


Perfectly delicious, I tried to high-five myself for conquering Japanese cuisine once again, then somebody noted that the Beef Tataki had been served with a smoked gochujang sauce, which is actually Korean, and I realized my task was not complete.

So I moved on to the Pork Belly Steam Buns.


… And my mouth is still watering! Goro + Gun makes their own steam buns fresh, and paired with the tender pork belly they had me thinking I was eating a delicious Japanese cloud!

Then I peeked over at the table beside me….



What the heck?! I HAVE been eating Japanese all along! I thought sushi came from a country called Superstore.
So maybe I’m a little food-culture un-savvy; I did grow up on macaroni and cheese…

So I proudly ordered the chef’s tasting platter, which was much more flavourful than anything I had experienced in the past.

Its taste was so fresh I didn’t even need to drown it in soy sauce (which Goro + Gun just so happens to make in-house!).

The food was so good, I decided to face my fears…. It was time to bring on the big bowl and finish with the ramen.


Slurp Slurp Slurp, I was so into sucking back the slippery noodles I didn’t even realize I was giving patrons in a 3 table radius a soupy shower.


So with a little guidance from the staff, they schooled me on proper ladle usage.


I was now a Japanese foodie and I was loving every minute of it.

Reflecting back on my bad food memories of Japan, I’ll never be quite sure what I ate, but what I do know is that all my memories of Goro + Gun are good ones!

What a great new menu!
Can’t wait to visit again.

Mr. Fab + gun

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Let’s Streak Together! #Streakweek

By October 15, 2014 Charity, What to Wear Wednesdays

What am I willing to do for charity?
Pretty much anything!

So when my friends at Stanfield’s invited me to join the cause to help raise awareness and funds for testicular cancer research I was only too happy to strip down and suit up!


It’s simple: Raise $50 and sign up at, they will send you a limited edition pair of their DryFX underwear.

Then, between October 18 and 26th take it off and go for a streak sharing your photo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #Streakweek and Stanfield’s will donate $1 for each share they see to the Canadian Cancer Society!


Share a little bit of your booty and you could help raise up to $25,000 for this great cause.

So what are you waiting for?! It’s time to get your streak on!


Click HERE to join in on the fun.

Raise a little dough by showing off your cheeky side!

Mr. Fab field’s

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