The Home Depot’s 2015 Spring Collection Preview

By February 27, 2015 Home Depot, M. Fab

Winter has been a long one this year, so getting an invite to Home Depot’s Spring Collection Preview was just what I was hoping for. An event that allowed me to imagine myself sitting out on a patio, cooking dinner on a BBQ and soaking up the sun…

Greeted with a colourful array of baked goods and friendly orange-apron’d smiles, we were off to a great start. The Home Depot was about to showcase new items coming this spring, and got four designers to do so by styling DIY Patio concepts.


First Tiffany Pratt took us through her whimsical DIY-inspired vignette. 

Complete with DIY pillows (stuffed with Home Depot plastic bags!)colourful uses of Duct tape and twine, all sitting comfortably under a gorgeous gazebo. Tiffany showed us how it’s easy to add touches of your personality with items off the Home Depot shelves.

Next we ventured to The City Dweller, Tim Lam’s sophisticated and clever outdoor solution for those of us with limited outdoor space.

Using Home Depot’s square outdoor furniture, you can easily play a game of patio Tetris by moving the pieces around to suit the number of guests you have over. Hanging privacy drapes not only creates a cabana-like feeling, but will also stop those pesky neighbours from having a peep.


Next, Designer and Carpenter Chris Palmer walked us through his ‘Manly Backyard’, complete with a custom made stand up wood bar.

This design featured recycled tire floor panels that provide durability and style while acting as a solid foundation for a covered fire pit. He used large and casually durable patio furniture in an earth and green tone.


The final area showcased was HGTV’s Heidi Richter’s gorgeously sophisticated patio. 


Highlighting red, this area’s large dining table was accented with ceramic tile placemats and a stunning Kitchen Aid gas BBQ in their classic red colour

I am certainly excited to do a bit of shopping when this collection hits stores soon.

M Fab PatioLover

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A Picture Perfect Closet Makeover

By February 25, 2015 DIY, Home Depot

We all have dirty little secrets… But when it came to mine… It was a BIG one!

It was this:


A huge junky mess that had me telling my house guests to “Stay out of the closet!”


My spare room had become such a disaster that I was considering blocking off the door and conceding that I now lived in a ‘one bed/two bath condo’.

But thanks to my friends at Home Depot, I am ashamed no longer!

HomeDepot Closetmaid Selective DIY makeover Closet (2)

I’m now proud to say, that for under $500 my guest closet is now full service!

Open the main doors and inside you’ll find a:

  • Wine Cellar & Liquor Cabinet

Gaming Center & Suit Closet

DIY Closet Makeover Custom Closets Closetmaid Selectives Home Depot (3)
Home Accesory Shop

HomeDepot Closetmaid Selective DIY makeover Closet (5)
Linen Closet

HomeDepot Closetmaid Selective DIY makeover Closet (6)
-And a shoe & bag mini mall!

All my life I dreamt of having a dream walk in closet like Carrie Bradshaw, but the reality of small space living meant dealing with just that… Reality.

HomeDepot Closetmaid Selective DIY makeover Closet (1)

But thanks to the genius organization products and the expert help from Home Depot, I was able to make MY small reality pretty picture perfect!

Mr. Fab closet

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DIY Custom Closets from The Home Depot

By February 24, 2015 DIY, Home Depot

“My closet is SO organized!” – said no one, ever.

Last year I took possession of my newly built condo. Clean white walls, sleek modern kitchen, and an inner city patio to die for. But what it didn’t come with was storage!


No pantry.
No linen closet.
No broom closet.
And certainly NO room for my shoes and bags.

And when it comes to a blogger like me, who’s constantly shopping and accepting packages like I’m a postal worker, having organization and utilizing space effectively is a must.

So how was I to turn this ‘haute’ mess into something that didn’t resemble a swap meet?

It was time to visit the Home Depot for a LOT of help!


Here’s the thing:

I am not a handyman nor a builder, and I certainly do not have a lot of time or a lengthy attention span to get things done… And that’s why the ClosetMaid Selectives storage solution products became my new BFF!

I was about to turn the very well priced separate pieces into a closet design masterpiece!

After utilizing their online vitual tools, I met up with Beverly at The Home Depot for help. She guided me through all the pieces I would need and placed an order, all which was to be delivered to my home (no heavy lifting for this guy).


Then it was time to unload my closet and take a look at the ‘frame’ I was about to work with.

Small and boring, but I had the vision and I was keen to start.

First I removed the single hanging rack system and repaired the walls.


Then realizing I would need the individual pieces to sit flush to the wall, it was time to remove the interior closet baseboards and repair the walls.


Then it was on to the easy part:
Building the base pieces.

Now here’s the part when I tell you how it really is… The honest truth about how hard it was to construct all of the pieces.

It was the EASIEST!

Every individual unit is built using the same techniques. Once you understand how to put the first unit together, the rest of them can be built with out even opening the instruction guide.


My living room had become a closet factory and I was the Forman, Line Worker and Construction Guy.

Then, when all the individual parts were assembled, it was time to put them in place and attach them to each other and the walls so they would stay square and in place when loaded.


Because my closets were smaller than the recommended size usage, some of the parts like the rods and the finishing shelves had to be cut down.

When all those pieces had been properly sized and fitted and all the units were drilled in to place, it was time to re-load all of my belongings…  And that’s when the fear set in!


I had just added a million more pieces in to and empty closet, wasn’t that going to give me LESS space?

The Answer:


Closet Master Pic DIY Closet

With a designated space for everything, ClosetMaid also utilizes the height of the ceilings and builds up so I was able to not only fit all of what was previously in there before, but I was able to move additional content in!

cough Shopping trip anyone? cough

DIY Closet Makeover Custom Closets Closetmaid Selectives Home Depot (9)

On one side of the closet, its all about casual clothing, shoes and drawers filled with gym clothes and pajamas.

While on the otherside, a selection of dress shoes, ties and accessories.

DIY Closet Makeover Custom Closets Closetmaid Selectives Home Depot (7)

And the crowning storage solution moment… I was even able to fit an entire dresser underneath the hanging bars to help house that future shopping spree!

DIY Closet Makeover Custom Closets Closetmaid Selectives Home Depot (10)

Now lets talk price and time…

Each of the larger components were less than $140 each, while the accessories like finishing shelves, bars, and hooks average under $20 each.

And as for time, if you were to be dedicated, focused and call in a friend…. You could finish this in an afternoon.

But what happens if your closets more than just an area to store clothes and accompaniments?

Tomorrow, I will share my very secret shame and show you how I turned a (really) bad storage situation into something truly spectacular.

Mr. Fab makeover

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Build Your Own Mini Garden Terrarium Giveaway!

By February 23, 2015 DIY, Giveaway

Back in 1984, plant terrariums were all the rage. My mom loved her trendy, stylish 80’s décor and because of that our family home was littered with them!

Then the 90’s hit and the love for mini indoor gardens expired. Terrariums, like avocado green appliances, were out… And homes became stark and stuffy.

But it’s 2015 and the glassy forest is BACK!

DIY Terrarium

From Home & Garden Shows to Home Décor Magazines, they all agree… It’s time to get a little green in your life. And this February 26th to March 1st, one of the most exciting features at the Calgary Home & Garden Show will be workshops on how to build your own indoor mini garden terrarium!

Earlier this week, I stopped by Blue Grass Nursery to find out more about this incredibly easy way to liven up your home and even had a chance to get dirt under my nails and build one myself!



I have now become my mother, and each room in my home is adorned with one of these beautiful O² enhanncers!

HomeGarden Terraruim

But before I use up all the plants and supplies, I want you to have your very own!

SO I’m going to give you a chance to not only go to this year’s Home & Garden Show… But I’ll even take care of the $40 registration so you can build and take home your own self made terrarium!

You’ll have 2 ways to enter!

#1 Tweet the Following:

What!? @immrfabulous says you can make your own mini garden terrariums at this years @HomeShowsAB


#2 Comment Below and tell me;

What was your favourite fad from the 80’s?

Mine had to be ruffled valances… And of course: the terrarium!

A winner will be randomly selected and contacted this Thursday!

And if you don’t win… Or just can’t take the chance… click HERE to register for a spot at one of the ‘make and take’ terrarium seminars!

Hope to see you all at this year’s Home & Garden Show!

Mr. Fab garden


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Red Carpet to Real Life *CTV & BT Live*

By February 19, 2015 Breakfast Television, Fashion

The Oscars are coming up this Sunday, and I’ve been paying close attention to the red carpets this season…  This week I kept things dazzling as I shared my ideas on how to take current Red Carpet looks and wear them in real life!


Thanks to my beautiful models who sparkled as much as the outfits did!

Here are 3 looks I shared with my friends at BT Calgary.

And check out these killer ‘off the carpet’ looks I shared with CTV Morning Live!


Click HERE to watch the video.

Whether it’s glittery, plunging, flowy or ‘barely there’, rock what makes you feel beautiful and shine!

Mr. Fab carpet

*Model’s make up supplied by Stila & Estee Lauder; lashes by Ardell. 

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