2015 Calgary Stampede Coca-Cola Stage Lineup!

By May 21, 2015 Calgary Stampede, Concerts

In just over a month one of the top festivals in the world will kick off its 10 days in Calgary, Alberta.

The Calgary Stampede.

Rodeos, Chuck Wagons, Deep Fry and some pretty Amazing Concerts.

Cocacola stage

And once again the Coca-Cola stage will feature some exceptional musical guests!

Less than an hour ago, I attended an invite only event where we were treated to 2 live performances from two of the artists who will grace this year’s stage.

Juno Award Winning & CCMA Nominated Country Music Star Brett Kissel and Blues/Alternative Rock band July Talk.

So who else will be hitting the stage during the 10 day event?

A mix of Juno Winners and Billboard Hot 100 acts.

Here’s the full lineup.

Thursday, July 2 Beat Drops Fest
Friday, July 3 Kiesza
Saturday, July 4 Brett Kissel
Sunday, July 5 Vance Joy
Monday, July 6 Lights
Tuesday, July 7 Ok Go
Wednesday, July 8 Scott Hellman (8pm) & Francesco Yates (9:30pm)
Thursday, July 9 Moist
Friday, July 10 July Talk
Saturday, July 11 Arkells
Sunday, July 12 Magic!

Once again the Coca-Cola Stage will deliver an unprecedented music experience for stampede goers!

I can hardly wait!

Mr. Fab stage

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Pigeonhole: A New Way to Sip & Snack

By May 21, 2015 Eat, Opening

A lot can change over a week in the city you live.

The streets have been cleaned, the flowers are blooming and for the former closed landmark known as Victoria’s, a butterfly has been hatched from its crusty cocoon.


From the creative minds of RAD, walls have been moved, windows have been replaced, old chandeliers have been cleaned and the entire space has been given a second life…. And I’m in LOVE!

So what is Pigeonhole?
A casual space to unwind, snack & sip with friends!

Open Monday through Saturday from 4pm-1am, Pigeonhole offers amazing cocktails, a varied winelist and some pretty creativesnack’ foods.

Bits and bites, made for sharing, created by the very talented Chef Justin Leboe who is no stranger to the food scene in Calgary.

Attached to their big brother Model Milk (next door), Pigeonhole is the perfect place to meet friends pre or post dinner or a place to grab a cozy throw off the wall and spend all night in.

It’s a great new concept in the way we eat & drink.

Welcome to the neighbourhood Pigeonhole!

Mr. Fab wine & bites

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Simply the Best Mimosa… You Decide!

By May 20, 2015 M. Fab, Simply Orange

Monday, you saw M Fab’s Mimosa concoctions; From a Hawaiian Luau to a Sophisticated Shindig Mimosa, there were three strong contenders.


And yesterday Mr. Fab pulled out all the stops and included a Frozen Treat and a Muddled Masterpiece!


But what are challenges without winners?!

This is where YOU decide!

As our Fab Friends it’s time for you to vote for your favorite DIY Simply Orange with Coconut Water Mimosa!

Will you pick M. Fab and her Sophisticated Shindig Mimosa


Simply Orange with Coconut Water, frozen into cubes and added into chilled champagne.

Or will it be Mr. Fab and his Ambrosia ‘salad’ Mimosa.

Simply Orange with Coconut Water mixed with Pineapple Juice and champange topped with a coconut dipped pineapple and marshmallow skewer.

The choice is yours!


We can’t wait to toast the winner!

Vote now!

Mr. & M. Fab


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Frozen, Muddled & with Marshmallows: 3 Creative Simply Orange Mimosas 

By May 19, 2015 Drink, Simply Orange

A Simple Mimosas has 2 ingredients: Orange Juice and Champagne.

But when my favourite brand, Simply Orange, decided to kick up’ their Orange Juice a notch by adding Coconut Water, I decided it was time follow suit and razzle dazzle up my mimosa offerings too!

And since Im always up for a challenge, Im going glass-to-glass with M.Fab in Toronto to see who can create the most unique and creative twist on the classic Mimosa.

Here are my 3 offerings

Ambrosia Mimosa

Ambrosia Mimosa Simply Orange

How do you take your favourite sweet salad and turn it into a liquid lunch? 

Simple, take:

2 parts Simply Orange with Coconut Water

1 Part Pineapple Juice.

Toss liquids into a shaker filler with ice and dance the room for 30 seconds. 

Pour into champagne glass, top with bubbles and garnish with a mini marshmallow skewer & coconut dipped pineapple wedge

Orange Coconut Creamsicle

Creamsicle Simply Orange Pop

Not all Mimosas need to be served in a glass… And on a hot summers day, this to-go popsicle version is sure to cool you down!

In a sealable container mix 10 parts Simply Orange with Coconut Water with 1 part sweetened condensed milk.

Add a splash off the bubbly stuff and a few drops of clear vanilla extract.

Lightly shake until the concoction is blended together. 

Then carefully pour the mix into popsicle form, add a wedge of orange for sophistication and freeze.

And lastly… 

If youre looking to keep the calories low, try a Blueberry Mint Mimosa

Blueberry Mint Simply Orange Mimosa w Product

Grab some fresh mint, some seasonal blueberries and get your muddle on!

Pour in a generous serving of Simply Orange with Coconut Water (which happens to be 25% less calories than the leading orange juice) and top with champs. 

This pulverized blend is light, refreshing as heathy as a mimosa can get!

I hope you like m3 unique takes on the classic mimosa. 

Tomorrow well be pick our top twists and then leave it up to you to vote on whose mimosa rules in the land of FAB!

Will it be M. in the East? or Mr. in the West?

Youll decide!

Mr. Fab mosa 

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M Fab’s Simply Mimosa Eastern Challenge

By May 18, 2015 Drink, Eat, M. Fab, Simply Orange

Mimosas are my jam

Normally associated with brunch, mimosas are a perfect combo of booze and juice. 

So, basically a health drink. I like to think of them as a juice cleanse.


When asked by Simply Orange with coconut water to create the perfect brunch-appropriate DIY mimosa – I knew this was something Mr. Fab and I would excel at. 


A friendly challenge was issued; create the best DIY mimosa in Canada. 


East vs. West

vs Mr. Fab


I turn into a competition beast when faced with challenges, so I hope you enjoy my three DIY mimosa ideas taking you from a Hawaiian luau to a sophisticated shindig.


Fab’s Hawaiian Luau Mimosa


As Simply Orange’s newest juice is made with coconut water, I thought how fun it would be to visually highlight the coconut!  

By decorating your table in Hawaiian-themed items and wearing festive flowers in your hair, you’re halfway there.



Next just open the coconut, empty the coconut water out and fill ‘er up! 

I did so by singing this little song…

“You put the champagne in the coconut, you drank them both up. 

You put the orange juice in the coconut, you drank them both up…”


Easy as that. And everyone loves to drink out of coconuts. Trust me.





Fab’s Fruity Daiquiri Mimosa


I can’t get enough of blended drinks, so I thought it would be a fun change of mimosa scene to create a Fruity Daiquiri Mimosa.


Keeping your atmosphere simple, decorate your table with some in-season flowers and always use fun straws. 




Just add ice with Simply Orange with coconut water into your blender and blend until smooth. Then add this into your daiquiri glass and top with champagne.


Always stick a cut fruit on the rim, I chose a strawberry because that is what I had in the house, but an orange slice or chocolate-dipped strawberry would also wow the pants off your guests.


Easy, tasty and oh so fancy.





Fab’s Sophisticated Shindig Mimosa


Mimosas are the perfect reason to blow up some balloons. I chose a black and white stripes and polka dot themed spread to stay classy, because this drink is the classiest.


Take your brunch-time mimosa to a whole new level by this ingenious juice hack.


Pour, then freeze your Simply Orange with coconut water into ice cube trays the night before.


In your decorated glass, add 2 to 3 juice cubes then top with champagne.


Voila! The cubes melt slowly and the taste of your drink changes as you sip. 


I loved this idea – so simple and so sophisticated.





Tomorrow see what Mr Fab has concocted. Wednesday we’ll ask you, our Fab Friends, to vote for your favourite!


M Fab Mimosa Lover

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