Rado Switzerland Watches – The Family Heirloom

By September 1, 2015 Jewelry, Mlle Fab, VIP, What to Wear Wednesdays

“Have you gone yet?! I. Want. One.”

What was Mr. Fab was raving about?

An exclusive private preview of Rado Switzerland.


Sleek. Streamline. Sophisticated.

Rado Switzerland watches are the trifecta of classic time pieces.


For les Hommes & les femmes, the originator of the ceramic watch has a look suitable for everyone.


Upon trying on a ceramic diamond encrusted number (Limited Edition Rado HyperChrome Automatic Diamonds), I was impressed to feel the lightweight material which acclimated to my body temperature. Frozen winter forearms? Jamais again! And, the sparkle was fit for The Duchess of Windsor. Nb only 500 made in the world.

A favourite brand of Oprah Winfrey, it’s no wonder that everyone is wanting a Rado Switzerland.

Even an Etalk host will be sporting one of the ‘Chocolate’ series for the upcoming Tiff festivities.
Oui, celebrities may have clout, but honestly, Rado Switzerland simply creates quality handmade pieces of art.


Upon first glance of the Coupole Classic Automatic, I immediately envisioned it being gifted down the family tree. The look is classic, but the quality is literally timeless. Pure Grace Kelly meets innovative Steve Jobs.

I was delightfully surprised at how light all of the pieces are. There are other luxury ceramic watches on the market by other high end brands but nothing quite feels like a Rado!


What makes Rado Switzerland différent?

It does not add titanium to the ceramic in order to change the colour from white. IE Adding titanium to ceramic adds weight which is like putting a 5lb barbell in your clutch. Doesn’t make sense, does it? Non.

All ceramic Rado watches are pure ceramic no matter the colour.


Additional special feature I’ve never heard of before: Esenza Touch. Made exclusively for women, a touch controlled watch.

Au revoir, chipped manis!


Being launched this fall, the ‘Skeleton’ is definite technical eye candy. It’s sure to please men & women alike.

Beautiful craftsmanship, indeed.

Sold at select retailers in Canada, it’s possible to covet your own wrist art.

Starting at 950$, Rado offers a large range of luxury watches starting at an accessible price point.

These luxury time pieces are an investment that will literally stay in your family for years.


And, Mr Fab was completely right: “I. Want. One.” Now, I simply need to talk to ma grandmère to start on our own family Rado Switzerland watch. Wish me luck ; )!

Mlle Fab iding Her Time


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Paws in the Park

By August 28, 2015 Breakfast Television, Charity, CTV, Fashion, TV

There are a lot of great people in the world doing a lot of great things for others.

And this weekend, in Calgary, Concorde Group will be hosting an amazing charitable event for our 4 legged friends in support of AARCS.

It’s Paws in the Park!

A event filled with all sorts of fun for you and your fur baby!

There will be Food Trucks, Pup-sicles, kid zones, dog zones, fashion shows, photo booths and amazing local shops selling products and other ‘doggone’ fabulous designed items!

And of course part of all proceeds will be donated to AARCS, helping support their Safe Haven Shelter.

I was so excited after hearing about this event that I had to share more about it with the city.

On Breakfast Television I shared all the newest in doggy accessories.

While on CTV, I hosted a mini pet PAW-gent.

Click HERE to view that segment.

So this weekend, gather the whole family and head down to River Park and join in the fun at Paws in the Park!

You’ll enjoy a great event all while supporting a great cause!

See you there!

Mr. Fab ark bark

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Metamorphoses: In Rodin’s Studio

By August 27, 2015 Art, Mlle Fab, VIP

Being first generation Canadian, I became spoiled by overseas family visits as well as living abroad. When stressed, I’d pop into a free art museum, where the beautiful pieces would somehow help to solve my problem or at least give me some reprieve. One of the best gifts I received this year was a VIP membership to Musée des Beaux-Arts Montréal.




The museum spans two buildings, so it is a lot to take in for one visit. My fav is popping in even when I only have 15min. With a VIP card, it’s easily affordable!

It always helps me breathe better. And when I learned there was going to be a collaboration with Musée Rodin, I ran to the exhibit.

While in university, I had been lucky enough to see ‘The Kiss’ up close and then the Balzec group of creations. But, I only ever saw 1 – 4 pieces of Rodin in one museum. In Musée Des Beaux-Arts Montréal’s Metamorphoses: In Rodin’s Studio, I was overcome by the breadth of his work. Immensely stunning.

I have to admit, I was ignorant as to the sheer volume Rodin had created. I guess it’s no surprise that he’s quoted, “We are workers whose day never ends”.


Working in bronze.



And, Marble. Tidbit: he prefers bronze because marble requires a work intensive reproduction rather than a less time consuming replica casting.


Something unique about this exhibit is the unveiling of a photographic collection: Rodin’s Work Through Eugène Druet’s lens. A kind of ‘behind-the-scenes’ glimpse into his process.

Two things I learned about the artist which I never knew. (Oui, I’m an utter art nerd.) 


  1. Rodin believed that beauty in ‘one piece was beautiful in its entirety’. This is why he loved creating parts of the human body. Tidbit: he came upon by accident while creating a statue; head fell off, which caused the nose to break off. Rodin reattached the head but left the nose off. He dug it better. I think we could be amis ; ).
  2. Rodin was very particular about his models. This is one of my favs: “She Who Was The Helmet Maker’s Once-Beautiful Wife”. Tidbit: she is the mother to a family of models.

Special to this Rodin exhibit are two pieces never before seen in Canada.

The Thinker.


The Walking Man.

Pictures do not do them justice. They are massive with gorgeous detail. A must-see in person.

Something truly spectacular, is The Touching Room. It is designed for the seeing impaired and the four year old in all of us. Braille handbooks, wall displays and smaller castings can be touched. I was in heaven!  Being a sucker for romance, I was all over ‘The Kiss’.


I’ve barely scratched the surface of what I saw. This finely curated Rodin exhibit must be visited. 

Metamorphoses: In Rodin’s Studio will be in Musée Des Beaux-Arts Montréal until October 18th. 

Perhaps we’ll see one another pondering life’s queries 😉.

Mlle Fab uste Rodin


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A New York Minute

By August 26, 2015 Jewelry, Launch, NYFW S/S15, Shop, Travel

There’a a story behind the saying “A New York Minute” and one of the most iconic luxury brands is involved!

In 1815 mobile time peices were a rarity and because household clocks needed to be constanly wound and set, New Yorkers needed a way to easily look to find the ‘New York minute’

Enter this impressive store clock which adorns the outside of the Tiffany & Co building on 5th Avenue in NYC.

The city’s central location they would set their time by.

Speed ahead 100 years and the world is still on Tiffany & Co. time.

And a few months ago I was invited behind closed doors to take a look at the famed jewelers newest collection of time pieces which will be sold around the world.

From battery operated to automatic; their new collection will have you keeping track of time… On your own time.

And the styles seem endless. Certainly something to appeal to all.

This one was made for me!

Tiffany & Co. Time pieces are not only beauty and function, they’re a coveted quality piece of jewelry that will be handed down for eternity.

Mr. Fab 

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FAB Collab with the World Famous St. Viateur Bagel

By August 25, 2015 Eat, FAB Collab, Food, Mlle Fab, VIP

A special gift to send out of the province. I wanted something specific to Montréal but with a FAB twist. And, I knew exactly who to call. Luckily, St. Viateur Bagel was in for a FAB collaboration!

There is nothing more la belle ville than a golden crusted bagel, but I wanted to up the ante with some FAB flare!

One of the owners, Vince Morena, took me under his bagel making wing again and shared the finer details of the ‘how to’s. It should be clarified here: I’ll never be a professional bagel maker.

Oui, making the world famous treat was fun, but even more awesome was chatting with Vince.

With 8 Montréal shops, and counting, every day he is busier than Père Noël on Christmas Eve, but Vince and his staff always make time for their customers. “It’s about making everyone feel welcome, no matter what they come in for. Our customers are lifers and we’re honoured by that”.

Unable to get to the shop? Breathe, mes chers: St. Viateur Bagel DELIVERS all across North America, so your table top will never be bare!

Until our next FAB Collab, I’ll be perfecting my St. Viateur FABagel roll. Bon appétit!

Mlle Fab agel Apprentice


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