Summer Saves: Your Hair

By July 27, 2017 Beauty, Hair, M. Fab

If my hair in the summer was a movie, it would be a Shakespearean tragedy.

Each morning I wake up with a renewed sense of hope that today the sun, humidity and city ‘funk’ will play nice, but each night I go to bed defeated from another day of frizz and flattened hair dreams.

If Summer is ‘Twelfth Night’ my hair is truly Malvolio.

As this is my fourth summer in my fair city, Toronto, I vowed to myself to find summer hair solutions I loved so much I wanted to share with you. And I have!

We are living in a truly wonderful time for hair – so many products, so many affordable and accessible products to save you from another summer of hair woes. Say ‘adieu’ to whispy, lifeless, frizzy and crispy summer hair…say ‘well, hello there’ to these products.

Sun Bum 3 In 1 Leave In

Your hair will smell like Pina Coladas and never feel softer.

This UV-Protecting , leave-in hair treatment is loaded with coconut oil, banana goodness and quinoa protein to hydrate, protect and smooth. Spray liberally onto damp hair and protect your hair throughout the sunniest of days.

Matrix Air Dry Twisted Boho Curl Defining Air-Dry Cream

Somedays it is just too hot to blow dry your tresses.

This light-weight, frizz controlling cream allows you to embrace your natural waves and curls, leaving you with a fuss-free finish. No hot air needed.

KMS Thermal Shape Quick Blow Dry

Again, blow drying you hair in the summer can be a sweaty chore.

This, new KMS product cuts drying time in half! 50% less time drying your hair by spritzing this onto your damp hair before you commence with the blower. Less heat = a less sweaty you, and less heat damage inflicted on your hair.

KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal

Humidity is the worst. Especially in the city. You feel sticky and dirty before even leaving your house.

KMS Hair Stay Anti-Humidity Seal to the rescue! This weightless wonder product ‘acts like an umbrella for your hair’, keeps humidity’s evil grip away for up to 72 hours. This is the final step in your routine; spraying this super fine mist all over your final do before stepping outside.

I was in Ottawa for Canada this year and in between thunderstorms the humidity was spiking…but my hair did not turn into a frizz ball, thanks to this wonder. But – a word of warning, too much and your hair can look a little greasy.

JOICO Blonde Life Brightening Veil

A lot of us go blonder in the summer so a new, luxurious, but totally affordable line from JOICO has our backs.

The Blonde Life collection added a Brightening Veil I am loving. Not only does this multitasking product instantly detangle, it reduces frizz while boosting shine and hydration. Blonde-by-choice hair is often fragile, so this mist protects your hair from UV damage, too. I totally recommend this multi-purpose gem.

And finally, Garnier Whole Blends: Legendary Olive Collection

Garnier recently released ‘Whole Blends’ collections ranging from Moroccan Argan and Camellia oils, to Green Apple and Green Tea, to my new favourite, their Legendary Olive collection – which is ideal for fine hair, like mine.

Formulated with virgin olive oil – known for it’s nourishing elements and antioxidant rich Vitamin E – this line treats, strengthens, restores and repairs from root to tip. Shampoo, conditioner and a wonderful leave-in conditioner complete this collection that you can scoop up for under $30.

So, as Shakespeare wrote, “Be not afraid of greatness hair”.
Tell summer to stick it, you and your hair have places to be.

M Fabvolio

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Music of the Night. (Phantom of the Opera Giveaway)

By July 25, 2017 Giveaway, Theatre, Uncategorized

Thanks to Columbia House Music Club I was first acquainted with the musical Phantom of the Opera decades ago… And all for only a penny!

Now, many years later it’s still my most favourite Broadway music soundtrack. And when my BFF Sacha and I are left alone too long, you can be sure we’ll end up belting out a poorly tuned version of Think Of Me.

In fact, I’m such a fan of this Broadway Musical that I’ve made a point of seeing it across the world!
Las Vegas, New York, Singapore and now I can add Calgary, Alberta to the list!

Phantom of the Opera will be playing at the the Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium from August 8th until the 20th and I plan to see it more than once.

And to share my love of the show, I want to send one of my FAB readers and their guest to the show too!

To enter, I want to know what your fave ‘Music of the Night‘ is!

It doesn’t have to be from the show, or even a Broadway number for that matter… All I Ask of You is that you share what song has you and your BFF belting out loud.

You have 2 ways to enter:

  1. Comment below, sharing your song.


  1. Tweet me your jam, tagging @immrfabulous & @BACtouring in your response.

A winner will be chosen by next week at random and awarded 2 tickets to Phantom of the Opera!

Good luck and I’ll see you at the show!

Mr. Fab Daaé

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National Daiquiri Day

By July 19, 2017 Drink, M. Fab

Happy National Daiquiri Day! A day to sip and savour the iconic rum-based cocktail that originated in Santiago de Cuba in the early 1900s. Becoming popular in the 1940s (because World War II rationing made vodka and whiskey hard to find), the Daiquiri is still a drink of choice for summertime patio sips or during tropical holiday escapes.

But it’s the traditional Daiquiri that is having a rebirth in popularity! Bartenders are stripping away the colourful, smoothie-like varieties and paying ‘cocktail homage’ to this classically simple and refreshing drink.

One such bartender is Juan Coronado, Bacardi’s International Brand Ambassador and veteran of the food & bev industry.

He creates recipes with the ethos that fresh ingredients are the key to the best cocktails. His perfectly tasty ‘Original Daiquiri’ recipe is not only easy to recreate at home, but will impress your friends with how incredibly classy it looks.

Original Daiquiri

  • 2oz Carta Blanca Bacardi Rum
  • 1oz Fresh Lime Juice
  • 0.75oz Cocktail Syrup (equal parts castor sugar, confectioners sugar, hot water)
  • Shaken
  • Strained into a Coupe glass

To celebrate the National Daiquiri Day, I thought it would be fun to recreate a Daiquiri the way it was originally presented in the early 1900s.

Researching this, I found Daiquiri’s were traditionally made in a chilled tall glass packed with crushed ice. A teaspoon of white sugar was sprinkled over the ice and two limes were squeezed over top. Two ounces of white rum were then poured over the mixture. Everything was then stirred and served right away.

I used Bacardi’s Carta Blanca rum because I think it is the the perfect rum for mixing. It has delicate floral and fruity notes, a light and clean taste, and non-dominating personality.

This simple and classic take on the Daiquiri is perfect for the home mixologist – no messy shaking and straining involved. Just pour, stir and serve.

M Fab-aiquiriDay

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