Oikos Creations

By February 4, 2016 Eat, Food, Mlle Fab

I have a terrible sweet tooth. Doesn’t matter what I’ve eaten, I can polish off a plate of dessert like I was inhaling air. One might say that it’s a talent. cough

So, I try to find healthier versions to combat my gluttonous ways. Needless to say, it was a delightful surprise to be invited to sample Oikos Creations!

I’ve always loved this Greek yogurt as it’s creamy in texture, but loaded with body lovin’ lean protein. 10 grams of protein per 125ml serving. Talk about a protein punch!

Why is protein good? It aids to quicken muscle repair as well as helping brain function and leveling insulin, which helps metabolism function well. It’s my BFF.

The new flavours of Oikos Creations are drool inducing.

Chocolate Banana

Coconut Crème

Rasberry Choco


Lemon Meringue


I love that I can throw one in my gym bag for after a workout because it’s so small, but it’s loaded with protein.
Or that I can enjoy a decadent dessert after a meal without any guilt. Pffft, I’ll even have TWO!

In the words of Ms. Antoinette,

“Let them eat Oikos Creations!”

Mlle Fab Dessert Lover


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21km or Bust!

By February 3, 2016 Fitness

It’s official; I’ve committed to running a half marathon.

But before you get all worked up, thinking I’m some sort of ‘fit athlete’, I’ll set the record straight.

I’m lazy and my beefy body was not made for running.

So what gives?

Besides the obvious, ‘I’d like to lose weight‘, I’ve decided to sign up for the Calgary Half Marathon because I’m stubborn.

Quite frankly, I don’t like people telling me what I am and what I’m not capable of… Including myself.

So I’ve decided to challenge my ‘lazy, beefy body’ and see if I can prove my nay-saying self wrong!

And to ensure I won’t give up… I’ve even shared my pledge on-air AND done a live weigh-in to track, not only my distance but, my weight loss as well.

To make sure I’m set up to succeed, the team at Calgary Marathon have set me up with a 4-day-a-week training plan to help me get to my end goal of 21km.

I’ll be training outside as much as possible and if it gets too cold or I’m in a Canadian city I’m not familiar with, I’ll be treadmill running at GoodLife Fitness. Great thing about my GoodLife membership is it allows me access to all their facilities across the country!

So here’s what I’m thinking!

Sign up for the Calgary Marathon and train with me! The CM offers free running groups every Thursday meeting outside Eau Claire or if you have a GL membership let’s hit the treadmill!

And if you for a second think you are too out of shape or too slow, know that you’re the only one who thinks that.

As long as your moving, your moving!

So who’s with me!? Let’s get our medals together this May 29th!

Training starts now!

Mr. Fab with me

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Joverse Restaurant For Any Occasion

By February 2, 2016 Drink, Eat, Food, Mlle Fab

January blues. They’re always inevitable for me.

And then an unexpected ray of sunshine came in with Joverse Restaurant!

I was invited to an evening of experiencing their ‘The Whole Damn Menu”. Featuring 15 globally inspired tapas dishes.

This was right up my tastebuds’ alley!

Upon my arrival I was immediately greeted by one of Joverse’s house specialty cocktails ‘The Perfect Pear”: Grey Goose, pear simple syrup, hibiscus & lime? DELICIOUS.

A genuine smile crossed my lips and the celebration began!

The flavour party continued with everything from Korean BBQ Chicken Wings.

To Balsamic Roasted Beets.

To Philly Cheese. The combination of the sourdough with the AAA Spencer Steak is drool inducing!

To Bavette. Sidenote: Any meat & potato lover would’ve lost their mind on this comfort food inspired dish. Rich & Decadent!

My favs included the Hamachi Tartar.

Incredibly light & fresh.

The Beer Batter Shrimp Tacos. I’m part Scottish need I say more? So freaking good!

And the Churros with a Spiced Chocolate Dip. Actually, it’s horrible: simply call me over and I’ll finish it for you… I’m nice like that ; )

‘The Whole Damn Menu” at Joverse has something for everyone’s tastebuds. To be shared between 5-7 people, it’s a steal for 198$.

Joverse made my blue January a whole lot bit easier. I whole-heartedly recommend going to this Montréal restaurant to raise a glass for any occasion.

Eat well, mes beautés!

Mlle Fab Blue No More


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Wet & Wild

By February 1, 2016 Uncategorized

It’s been a long time since I heard the brand name ‘Wet n Wild’.
I honestly thought they were gone the way of the Caboodle, Malibu Musk and Kissing Koolers.

An amazing brand in the 90s that faded into the long forgotten pages of YM.

But they’re back (well, they technically never really left), and their new collection is fun and vibrant.

Wet n Wild is 100% cruelty-free, so it’s nice to get behind a brand that doesn’t test on our furry friends!

Launching this Spring, you’ll be able to find a complete brush range – with insanely affordable price points (they start at just $1) and bristles that create a real-hair effect but are certified vegan.

I’m digging the ergonomic handles with a small finger groove – they fit nicely into my hand for precise application.

Primers can be expensive, but the Wet n Wild collection of Primers for lids, lashes and skin are an affordable way to keep your makeup in place, all day.

I love me my illuminators and contour palettes and these two do the trick with a few shade options to choose from.

Nail polish blows right off my fingernails, so I never bother – but their new ‘1 Step Wonder Gel’ polish promises you’ll get salon-quality gel manicures, without the top coat and UV light. It comes in 18 great shades, from neutral to bold.

Their ‘Velvet Matte Lip Color’ pencils are a really great alternative to lipstick and super easy to apply. I am liking their buildable formula – one swipe for subtle, three for bold.

I think the stars of their collection are their eyeliners. I can’t even count how many types and colours they’re releasing. From a chunky, graphic marker style to a precise finely-tipped style – I was in liner heaven. I will try them all and write a liner story soon!

The new Spring collection certainly isn’t the same as back in the day, but when it hits stores this February – lace up those Dr Martens, spritz on some Electric Youth and pick up some of these affordable and fun products.


MFab Team Brenda

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Eating & Drinking

By January 31, 2016 Drink, Eat

Early this week I was able to stuffed my face and washed it all down with unique brews as I attended the Alberta Brewery’s Dinner hosted at National 8th.

For a very reasonable $65, the packed house sat at communal tables and dinned family style during a 5 course meal.  


And to make sure our thirst was kept under control, 5 Alberta Breweries were on hand to pair the courses with some pretty exceptional offerings.

First course; Beer Braised Chicken Tacos paired with Blindman Brewery’s River Session Ale


Now I’ll be honest, I’m not the biggest beer drinker, I was there more for the food. That said, this light ale is something I would not only drink again, I’d definitely recommend for people who like to keep things light & fresh!

Second Course; Pork Hand Pies paired with Trouble Monks Open Road Brown Ale


Now these pork pies were the bomb! Like a sophisticated sausage roll, I tossed 3 of them down the hatch, pinkie in the air! 

And from the chatter at the tables I concluded that the brown ale was the masses favorite of the night. 

Third Course; Lamb Rack on top of Tomato & Eggplant Stew paired with Six Corners Trailhead IPA.

Now I know my Lamb and these chops where perfection. I wish I would have brought a Tupperware container for the leftovers. 

Fourth Course; London Broil paired with Bench Creek’s Black Spruce Porter.


I had no idea what a ‘London Broil’ when I read it on the menu but when it came out it all made sense… It was enough food to feed London! 

Tender Beef, roasted broccoli & crispy kale salad with Kielbasa hash to satisfy my inner Ukraine, I wasn’t sure where they expect all this food to go. 

But what I did know was what to do with Black Creek’s Porter! Gulp it back! 

This was my favorite beer of the night. 

Fifth (and final) Course; Bananas Foster paired with The Dandy Edition’s Ginger Sour.


Mark my word, if I ever write a list of the best 5 desserts I’ve eaten in Canada, this Bananas Foster will be on that list! I honestly dragged my fingers along the creases in the dish to get every last bit of the sauce! 

And the Ginger Sour…. Sour! But not as insanely sour as sours can often be… But for me, I’ll stick to the sweets! 
The Alberta Brewers Dinner was a steal of a deal packed full of delicious eats and cold brews. 
I highly recommend following Nationals FB page and getting your tickets to next months dinner which will take place on February 11th. 

Mr. Fab rewery 

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