Jacob’s Creek Double Barrel

By June 29, 2015 Drink

There’s something new & exciting happening in the world of wine!

Last week I had the opportunity to lunch with one of the Australian wine makers behind Jacob’s Creek where he brought me Canada’s first look and taste of their new Double Barrel Shiraz!

So how does this product differ from other Shiraz on the market?

Jacob’s Creek is the first winery to take premium red wine and partially age it in Whiskey Barrels.

And what that’s done for its taste is incredible!

First they produce a Shiraz (pictured above) which is never sold to the market using the winery’s traditional methods and casked in Oak Barrels.

Then, after 15 months, it’s moved into 20 year old whiskey barrels where it sits for 9-12 weeks.

So what does that extra step and unique process do to the texture and mouth feel of this Shiraz?

It takes it from being a ‘kicky’ plum and turns it into a tumble dryer full of delicates.

Silky, smooth and rounded. The perfect for a classy dinner party with friends!

I’ve been a long time fan of Jacob’s Creek fruity, effervescent Moscato and now with their newest edition of Double Barrel, my guests will have a second choice when it comes to wine selection in my home!
They’ve certainly created something very special!

Jacob’s Creek Double Barrrel will hit the Canadian market late July/early August. And retail for an unbelievably affordable price (as rumours have it: $19.99-ish).

Mr. Fab creek

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It’s #bikiniespy Time! (Video)

By June 26, 2015 Charity

It’s that time of year again where Cowboys don their boots and Cowgirls don their bikinis! 

Welcome to #bikiniespy

And I’m excited to announce that I will once again co-host the event with the beautiful Jenny B!

Bikini Espy

This year 72 bikini glad girls will make a $250 (or more) charitable donation to the Calgary Special Olympics and store owner, Megan Szanik & her espy stylists will dress them head-to-toe in new looks!

Not only is this event held as a charitable fundraiser, it also gives women of all ages, shapes and sizes a chance to stand proud and promotes positive body image & self esteem.

Bikini espy is an amazing event that continues to make a positive impact!

There are still 5 spots available to participate (bikiniespy.com)… But they’re going quick! So grab a GF and I’ll see you on July 4th!

Until then, I’ll leave you with this year’s exciting promo video! 

Mr. Fab ikini

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Summer at Market

By June 25, 2015 Eat

Last night I was good company and in good hands as I sat down to sample the new summer menu at Market.

Recently, Market has made some pretty bold changes and boy have they paid off!

The kitchen, while still keeping in line with owner Vanessa Salopeks original concept, has created a menu where the food is approachable, addictive and undeniably unforgettable!   

Throughout the evening we were treated to an 8 course menu tasting prepared for us by Co-Executive Chefs Alex Edmonsi and Sean MacDonald as well as their team .

Each course was paired perfectly with wines and unique cocktails.

From the Strawberry Salad to the Dark Horse Mint Julep pictured above, my table mates and I drooled over every course.

And although we raved about every dish, we each had our favourites.

I would personally recommend everything I ate but if you’re not a total glutton like me, here are my top 3, must try recommendations.

(Note, the photos below are smaller sample portions. Menu sized portions will be plated larger.)

Lamb Agnolotti 

Whey Braised Lamb, Minted Peas, Mint Ricotta.

In layman terms, it’s a delicious little dumpling stuffed with lamb, served with a smashed pea sauce that will have you licking your plate.

Gnocchi Ramano

Pecorino Sauce, Black Pepper, Shaved Parmesan.

I could eat gnocchi for breakfast, lunch & dinner, but I’m REAL choosy.

Too mushy and I’m grossed out. Too firm and it’s like chewing elastic bands.

This is everything it needs to be and the cream sauce will have you asking your server if it can be purchased to-go!

Scallop with Cream Corn

Creamed Fermented Corn, Corn Truffle, Whey Gastric, Brown Butter Popcorn.

The crunch of the popcorn with the silky creaminess of the corn is a texture accompaniment like no other.

This is a dynamic combination of flavour and texture!

And the perfect cocktail to start and end your meal with? Or sip and sit all afternoon on their patio…

The Banff Ice Cilantro Watermelon Smash

Fresh, light and too delicious!

The night was an amazing treat discovering new favourites at one of my old favourite restaurants.

A huge thanks to the hostess with the mostest Vanessa for making us all feel like family!

You and your team are all sorts of fabulous!

LOVE the new menu!

Mr. Fab market

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You’re a Model

By June 24, 2015 Model Mondays

Ive talked about Hero Images before, they’re the Stock Photography company that keeps bringing me back to shoot amazing projects with them.

Hero Images has an amazing creative team that always works with the very best photographers, stylists, hair & makeup people.

They produce a high quality product, use ‘everyday people’ with all types of looks and best of all, they pay!

They are holding an open casting on Monday in Calgary AB and they’re looking for new faces.

Go down and have a quick snap taken by one of their photographers and they’ll keep you in their files to be considered for one of their many upcoming shoots.

They are looking for all ages, shapes and personalities!

Here’s the info:

Date: Monday, June 29, 2015
Time: drop in anytime between 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm (it will only take a few minutes & no appointment is necessary)
Location: Windsor Park Community Hall – 5304 6th Street SW (ample free parking)
Wardrobe: Nice casual. Women should have natural makeup (no heavy makeup) and hair.

Of course there is no cost to attend. And If your selected for a future shoot, you can look forward to some exciting paid modeling opportunities with their photography team.

So go, be the model you’ve always wanted to be!

I did… And I love it!

Mr. Fab images

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Surfing in the City

By June 23, 2015 SHAW, Travel

Every city has something special and unique that makes its residents proud.

And in Calgary, AB the newest ‘look what we’ve got’ is happening in the city’s downtown.


I had to give it a go!

So I called Rocky Mountain River Surfing and signed up for thier 2 hour experience!

A dry land lesson and an in the water side kick to make sure things didn’t go sideways.

So go, get your surf on! If you have your own equipment, it’s free, open to the public, but if you need all the gear and a lesson or two, call up RMRS.

The 2 hour day of fun, with all the bells & whistles you’ll need to keep warm & dry will run you about $90/per person.

Well worth it for this unique inner city experience!

Mr. Fab surfs

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