SABALI – World Première EP

By July 31, 2015 Mlle Fab, Musical Mondays

My dad plays guitar. My mum plays piano. My brothers play guitar, bass, drums and piano. I literally sing for my supper. Music is a huge part of my family. Every weekend you could expect music 24/7. I still uphold that tradition and I now have a wicked new artist to add to my playlist: SABALI.

Brand spanking new to the music scene: Calvin Heinrichs is SABALI. This independent Montréal based singer/songwriter is legit. The début EP “Life Support” is primarily all him: acoustic & electric guitars, all vocals & lyrics, all composition & arrangements. No cookie cutter puppet here.

Oui, it’s no surprise that he also models. But he is way more than a pretty face. This model/musician has a light melodic tenor akin to Fleet Foxes or Sujfan Stevens. And, a musical sound similar to Andrew Bird. Simply, SABALI creates great music that is a joy to experience.

“Life Support” came to fruition due to hustlin’. SABALI means patience. And that’s exactly what this artist has. A kickstarter campaign was launched by the artist and a couple of months later, a début album of storytelling was born.


If I had to categorize his sound: Indie Folk Rock. I dig all of his songs. It’s difficult to choose. Seriously. The naked piano with vocals in “Ebb And Flow” is beautiful & the simplicity of “Irish Goodbye” touches my Irish heart. That said, I connect with a melodic line or lyric in EACH SONG.

But don’t take my word for it, download his première album for yourself. Lucky for you, mes amis, as of today you can download his EP HERE!

Keep your ears open for SABALI as this is only the beginning. I dare you not to put “Life Support” on repeat ;).

Mlle Fab ébut Album Lover


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Nesting: Merging Your Styles

By July 30, 2015 Furniture

My last challenge in the bout to become Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist is up!

I’d appreciate if you’d take 10 seconds, click HERE and vote for me.

It’s all about ‘nesting‘ and how to merge 2 styles into one.

Here’s my take on it:

So you’ve fallen in love and it’s time to move in together; pack your boxes and call the movers!

But what happens when it’s time to merge your two style personalities into one?

You compromise and edit your belongings, keeping treasures and buying new to blend into a cohesive style that you can both comfortably call home…


For him, it’s a love for the outdoors. The rustic finishes of nature and an industrial feel.

He has an eclectic style and likes to mixes antiques with warm woody tones.

His Keeps:

His Seletti’s split plates offer a vintage look with the surprise flair of a modern design.

While his Urban Barn reclaimed wood table shares old world charm with a fresh coat of polish.

For art, he loves Dave Barnes who takes vibrant ideas and paints on old furniture scraps.

His mix of old and new in this collection is sure to satisfy his partner.


For him it’s all things sleek and modern.

He enjoys a clean aesthetic, pops of colour and show-stopping conversation pieces.

His Keeps:

A fan of Calgary born artist Chris Cran, the art is the perfect way to add the bursts of colour into the new shared home while the abstracted black and white images harkening back to an era gone by will appeal to his partner.

The Seletti baroque style pottery offers a colourful twist which plays off two times, sure to delight each of the dwellers.

Adding in Urban Barns metallic bar stools will introduce that industrial feel, while the high polished finish will help keep the kitchen clean and now!

For their new nest, the couple plans to keep the walls, window coverings, flooring and countertops white to allow their personal affects to take centre stage.

The couple has come together and blended their styles; Each piece in the home an homage to their individual style, yet visually appealing to both.

Hope you like my ideas and thanks again for the VOTES!

Mr. Fab home stylist

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Win Big with Shaw’s Charity Classic

By July 29, 2015 Charity, Giveaway, Sports


Who doesn’t love a good game of golf!?

And last year, at the Shaw Charity Classic, it was exceptionally good!




Fred Couples, one of the greatest names on the PGA Champions Tour, won the 2014 event in thrilling fashion after a career-best final round of 61 that included a chip-in eagle on the 54th hole.

I was literally watching while clutching my pearls!

(I’m pretty sure you can see a blurry me in the background)

The only thing that would have made that day more exciting would have been if I were to have met Fred Couples.

Well this year, it could happen!

From July 29th to August 5th (weekdays only) you can win your chance to meet Freddie and an amazing tournament prize pack by participating in the Shaw Chip ‘n Putt Challenge!

It’s simple!

People of all ages and skill level are invited to come and put their short game to the test in a four-hole showdown that includes three holes of putting and one chipping contest for golfers of all levels.

The specially designed course inspired by the closing holes at Canyon Meadows Golf and Country Club will be located in the heart of downtown at 239 – 8th Avenue SW.

The competition will be broken into three separate components including qualification rounds, semi-finals, and the final showdown on the 18th green at Canyon Meadows with Fred Couples.

The top scorer of each day plus the next three runners-up will all advance to the semi-finals on August 5.

So you don’t even need to be the ‘best’ to move on!

I’ve been practicing my ‘chip shot’ with my niece & nephew and we’re planning to make it to the semi finals!

There will be lots of prizes to be won!

The eight semi-finalists will be awarded a prize pack including signed memorabilia and the choice of a Taylor Made putter or wedge. While the champion will also enjoy Sky Box passes on the 18th hole for the weekend, and an honourary observer spot with Fred Couples.

It’s a fun, free activity, so gather up the family and put your skills to the test!

See you there!

239 – 8th Avenue SW.
Calgary AB

July 29, 30, 31 & August 4, 5

Mr. Fab shot

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Drink German Riesling. Win a Trip to Berlin!

By July 28, 2015 Drink, M. Fab

July and August are German Riesling appreciation months, and I do appreciate.

Rieslings to me are the all-purpose wine. A delightful summer go-to for patio sitting, BBQ eating and spritzer making.

And Germany is home to many amazing Rieslings which are primarily grown in their Mosel, Rheingau and Pfalz regions.


While living in Amsterdam, travelling to nearby Germany was one of our favourite pastimes. One of the most scenic and simply magical trips was through the Mosel Valley. It has got to be one of the most beautiful wine growing regions in the world.


It’s like a fairytale that actually exists!

Castles at every turn, lush green hills covered with vineyards all anchored by the majestic Mosel River.


There are so many incredible places in Germany to discover, and not only for their wine.

Another all-time favourite travel destination is Berlin. A city like no other. Incredible history, amazing architecture, great food, rich culture and so much to see!


And right now, by indulging in delicious wine you could also be lucky enough to indulge in the culture of an amazing city too!

By drinking a glass of German Riesling this summer, you can enter to win an incredible trip to Berlin.

You can learn more about this super fab contest, here.

And although I’ve had my chance to see Berlin once… I’ll still be battling for entries with you!

May the best sipper win!

Cheers! (Or, “Prost” in German)

M Fab Riesling Lover

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RICH by Veuve Clicquot

By July 27, 2015 Drink, Opening

I am not rich.

Veuve Clicquot is RICH!

Over the last 3 years something special has been resting in the Champagne region, and this month Veuve Clicquot is proud to introduce their new product to the market.

Last week myself and Mlle Fab, who was visiting from Montreal, were invited to an opulent tasting event at the beautiful Azuridge Resort to be the first in Alberta to taste RICH.

But unlike any other champagne in the world, Veuve Clicquot will have you sipping your bubbles very differently. 

RICH is meant to be served over ice AND with some delicious accompaniments.

While RICH sat in the cellar in France, the Parisian brand spent 2 years tasting & testing its best side kicks…

And what they settled on where 6 perfect pairings.

Peppers, cucumbers, pineapple, celery, grapefruit zest… And even steeped with earl grey tea.

The concept is not only incredibly unique, it’s also incredibly delicious.

And although the accompaniments will be easy to source… RICH, however will not be.

For example, in Calgary, AB, there will only be 1 retailer of this very exclusive and limited product (available at ZYN) as the total production of RICH is only approximately 2% of what Veuve Clicquot produces overall.

You’ll also be able to get RICH served to you at Azuridge, the only establishment with the privilege to serve it!

So what’s makes RICH so special and sets it apart from their classic yellow label?

Besides the higher sugar level: 60 grams per liter as opposed to the yellow labels 9 grams, it’s the trifecta of grapes.

45% Pinot Noir 

15% Chardonnay 

With the remainder being Pinot Meunier

In laymans terms;

A Rowdy deliciousness with a high level of sophistication! 

This is indeed the richest I’ve ever been.

And I liked it… A lot!

Mr. Fab Clicquot

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