DSW Moves West

By March 26, 2015 Shop

I love a good deal! 

After all, I am my mother’s son and she has taught me to be thrifty!

Earlier this week I received a gracious invite to check out DSW‘s (Designer Shoe Warehouse) first new home. West of Toronto.


Located just outside of Calgary Alberta at the part ‘outlet’ mall CrossIron Mills, DSW showed off it’s new 26,000 square-foot store which opens today to the public today.

And there is a reason they refer to themselves as a warehouse! Their new store houses over 22,000 designer shoes… All at a discounted price!


Not only does DSW shoe brands such as Nine West, Ralph Lauren, Sam Edelman, Cole Haan, Steve Madden, Clarks, Sketchers, Converse, Nike, New Balance, Keds, Lacoste and Coach; they also have brand matching accessories.


For Women: bags, purses and clutches.

For Men: belts, wallets and totes.


And don’t worry about showing up ill-socked, DSW takes care of your tootsies with their wide array of colorful and bright socks. 


Not to mention they also have an endless amount of protectors and cleaners to make sure your shoes always a last and look their best… And yes it’s also sold at a discount!


Mom would be so proud!

DSW certainly has something for everyone!

Welcome to the West!

Mr. Fab sw

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Estée Lauder Spring/Summer 15 Collection Preview

By March 24, 2015 Beauty, M. Fab

When I think about luxury, I think champagne, 5-star hotels and beautiful beauty products.

Luxurious beauty products make me feel straight-up fancy.

My sneak peek at Estée Lauder’s Spring/Summer 15 collection left me with some great makeup application tips and amazing new products to try.


M Fab’s Favourite Technique Tip:

X Marks the Spot. I can be a bit of a blush fiend and so will immediately start incorporating this excellent tip into my daily blushing.

To get the perfect cheek – the key is to highlight, contour and then blush.

But instead of dipping your blush brush in a whole load of product (*guilty) and then brushing your whole cheek, from lobe to apple – just dip one side of your brush in product and make an ‘X’ motion on the apple of your cheek. That’s it. That’s all you need because the highlight and contour done ahead of time will draw the eye towards the colour, so no need for colour over kill!

M Fab’s Favourite New Products

It was really hard for me to select just a few products to mention here. There truly are so many amazing additions to their already solid collection.

It was the texture of their Double Wear Perfecting Loose Powder that had me at hello.

It felt like silk pajamas. In Paris. While eating the best croissant of your life.


Seriously, all my senses were in awe. The texture, the smell, the perfect level of coverage.

I also loved their new collaboration with the iconic 60s-inspired brand Courrèges. Found in select Sephora stores only, I loved the fun, round packaging, and the iridescent quality of their illuminator that gives a ‘lit from within’ aesthetic.


And finally, the Bronze Goddess fragrance and make-up collection. This collection has a strong following, so to appease their fans, they added new fragrances (that smells like the most perfect holiday) and makeup for the face and body. Kiss that pasty Canadian winter skin goodbye.


There is so much more good stuff, but ain’t nobody got time to read a novel. If you do want to learn more – reach out to me on Twitter (@immfab).

M Fab Fancy

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Clarins Skin Care for Men

By March 23, 2015 Beauty, Spa

I’ve been pretty ‘skin lucky’ thus far in my life.

A few blemishes from time to time and an average amount of wrinkles which I have learned to refer to as ‘smile lines’.

I suppose some of my skin’s behavior has been due to genetics, but I most definitely attribute the majority of its health to my skin fitness routine.

Now I have a lot of secrets when it comes to keeping it in shape, but while I’m travelling, I credit its dewy appearance to Clarins Men.

Clarins MEN

Their line of men’s products not only keeps my skin hydrated, their anti-perspirants keep me dry and smelling like a day spa.

Part of my favourite feature of the Clarins Super Moisture Balm is its easy pump feature that dishes out the perfect amount of non-oily balm.


It’s easy to skimp on the good stuff, but the pump ensures a generous portion which not only comforts & energizes my skin, it also helps soothe any razor burn.

And when I’m starting to run ragged while I’m away, I like to cleanse and refresh using their Fatigue Fighter.


It’s like being unexpectedly slapped.

It wakes you up and keeps you looking like you’re ready to tango.

These 3 items are with me whenever I travel. Their hard plastic shells make them practically indestructible and all the sizes are travel approved! And if I run out, they’re easily replaced from most department or drug stores.

Clarins Men is the perfect travel companion for me!

Thanks for keeping me fresh and fabulous!

Mr. Fab care

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A Whole New Altitude

By March 18, 2015 Eat

Good music + Great friends + Endless Selfies = A Perfect Night.

COORS Altitude Beer (8)

But what happens when you add Coors’ newest higher alcohol content brew into the equation?

An Epic Night!

COORS Altitude Beer (6)

A few weeks ago myself and 6 friends put on our dancing shoes and hit up the mid week launch of Molson Coors’ newest addition, Coors Altitude.

With thier ‘light’ product weighing in with a 4% alcohol level, I knew it was best to “proceed with caution” when enjoying Altitude’s 6.4%.

COORS Altitude Beer (4)

That being said, I’ve always been one to throw caution to the wind, so as per usual I decided to forgo the rules and just have a good time!

COORS Altitude Beer (5)



Have you ever flown somewhere and enjoyed a beer or cocktail while on route?

A libation at 35,000 feet or higher?

If you have, then you’ll understand the reason why Coors’ newest family member must be called Altitude.

COORS Altitude Beer (7)

While regular beers have you feel like you’re sitting coach, Coors Altitude skips you through First Class and has you flying the plane.

The taste is smooth and ‘beery’ with a crisp and refreshing aftertaste. It’s was also the perfect compliment to the 16 Taiko Tacos I wolfed back later that night.

COORS Altitude Beer (1)

It was a perfectly fun evening with all the proper fixins of a epic event.

And how well does Coors’ Altitude know me?

Last week I was sent a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of questionnaire where they committed to knowing my personality.

What did they come up with?

The Experimenter aka ‘The Mad Scientist’


Yep, They know me quite well!

Coors Altitude will most definitely be my go-to beer next time I’m looking to kick the night up a notch!

Mr. Fab scientist

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PARK-ing Garage Fashion Show

By March 17, 2015 Fashion

I’m a lover of fashion and fan of the shows. I’ve been very lucky and have had the chance to travel and partake in a number of them.

And what makes the most memorable shows are the ones that not only share great fashion but push the envelope in some way or another.

And this is where PARK comes in…

The team behind Calgary based OurParkOnline have been creating unique and memorable events since their inception in 2011.

From Flight Museums to Indoor Golf Ranges, PARK continues to choose unconventional spaces to host their shows.
And for their upcoming May 23rd show, the largely volunteer team has done it again!
Last night I was blindfolded and whisked away to their next ‘secret’ show location.
A 2nd level underground parking garage buried deep below my favourite shopping mall, Chinook Centre.
Not only have I never seen a show take place in such a venue, I’ve never even heard of such a thing!
But I know PARK, and I have no doubt they will utilize the space in a way fashion goers least expect.
And as if the unique venue weren’t enough of a surprise, I was ecstatic to hear that this year PARK will be splitting the runway and feature an equal number of men and women’s designers AND offer a retail runway component with 2 featured Chinook Centre shops.
This show will most definitely have something for everyone, and the afterparty hosted inside Double Zero will be sure to further wet your whistle. I am prepared to be blown away as always!
See you on May 23, early bird tickets go on sale today!
Mr. Fab garage

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