First Look Inside Nordstrom Cananda

By September 16, 2014 Shop, VIP

It is undeniable that Canada will be watching as the beloved American luxury department store opens their first retail store in Canada this Friday.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (5)

Nordstrom will call Calgary, AB home first and will follow by opening stores across the country in 2015. Ottawa next, followed by their largest store in Vancouver, BC.

But yesterday, as possibly the luckiest blogger, I was invited to enter the blacked out storefront to explore their new digs and drool over their collections; some of which will be making their first appearance in Canada.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (35)

And what I saw satisfied me beyond my wildest expectations!

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (46)

Here are several things that made me go WOW!

1. Shoes

Nordstrom started their business as a shoe store, so we all expect pretty great things from that department.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (11)

Well they certainly haven’t failed there, the store will house 5 shoe departments! 3 women’s, 1 men’s, and 1 children’s.

For women, luxury designers like Valentino have arrived with classic and daring choices.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (12)

While the fashion huntresses will be hot & heavy exploring new lines like the SJP collection which is exclusive to Nordstrom.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (10)

Finally Calgary can channel Carrie Bradshaw realness!

2. Cosmetics

A new way to shop cosmetics will show counters without divisions.

Side by side and in a line, shoppers will be able to view & compare brands at a glance as products have been made easily accessible.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (25)

One of the newest and most interesting concepts, that I’ve never seen before, will be available to customers as well:

A Beauty Concierge.

A staffed desk which offers shoppers answers and advice on trends, product comparisons and brands.

If you saw something in a magazine but have no idea where to start, the beauty concierge is your perfect helper. This will also be a great resource for men shopping for their ladies with no idea what’s in that crinkled tube or empty compact.

3. Kids

You got ‘em, Nordstrom loves them.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (41)

They have an expansive department for you to shop, and a place to make your children to feel special in.

A playhouse for the little ones to craft while you “ohhh” & “awww” over their private label collection.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (42)

But the thoughtfulness doesn’t end there…

Nordstrom will offer fun events like shoe tying classes.

And to make your child’s first shoe buying experience memorable, they’ll receive a complimentary ‘Nordie’ to commemorate the event.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (37)

It’s virtually a child’s Oscar for “Best in Shoe”.

Oh… And Calgary, home of the Calgary Stampede, check out these perfect boots at a ridiculously low price point! ($39.95)

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (38)

4. Sip and Snack

I had heard of the EBar, a small in store coffee shop that offers coffees and snacks to go.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (24)

But what was news to me was the full-on restaurant included in the Calgary concept: Bazille… It is only the 3rd of its kind!

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (2)

Not only did I get a chance to view the menu which varies from Ginger Crusted Ahi Tuna Salad, Prime Rib French Dip and Grilled shrimp & Asparagus Risotto; The chefs were kind enough to satisfy my sweet tooth by packing me up a Bread Pudding to go.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (7)

Hands down this is the best bread pudding I’ve had to date, and trust me, I am an expert when it comes to desserts!

5. Men’s

Yes guys, we finally have a entire area to call our own!

Fragrances and skin care products are all housed in the men’s department.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (15)

Shoes & suits so close together that you could practically put together an entire look by reaching left to right.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (14)

With endless amounts of designer denim and stylishly cool pairings to compete your look.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (18)

Guys will finally have a place to be guys!

6. Oh Canada

Nordstrom hasn’t come unprepared. They have been hard at work to understand our culture and embrace our people.

As such, they have styled the store walls by using 17 unique pieces of art by 11 Canadian Artists.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (16)

A fact that might go unnoticed by some, but is certainly a considerate touch.

7. The Party Room

Gossip with your girlfriends whist draping yourself in delectable fashions. The women’s fitting room in their BP department offers a unique concept:

Adjoining curtained fitting rooms.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (44)

No longer will you have to sashay in front of strangers when shopping with friends. The room is double the size, with a mirror on each end and a divider curtain in between… When you’re both ready to reveal your looks, just pull the curtain back and judge each other in private.

Nordstrom has certainly come to Canada with a new fresh look on shopping.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (34)

At an expansive 140,000 sq feet it’s a place loaded with new concepts, new brands and delicious wares which will keep you occupied all day long.

I am so excited to hear the reviews after the store opens to the public on Friday, September 19th.

They’ve certainly blown me away and I’m certain you’ll feel the same way.

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (29)

Thank you to all my new friends at Nordstrom for sharing this first look with myself and my readers.

You say “We Love Your Style, Calgary” and I say “We Love You” right back!

Nordstrom Calgary First Canadian Store Interior  (4)

Welcome to your new home!

Mr. Fab strom

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Vasanti Lipshine Giveaway

By September 15, 2014 Giveaway, M. Fab

I have a love/hate relationship with lipgloss.

High shine – good.

Sticky sticky pasty mouth – bad.

Being a makeup lover, I was all over the lipgloss fad of the early 2000s. Nothing beat M.A.C’s Lipglass in my books. The love was strong until I walked outside in any sort of breeze and every single strand of hair got stuck onto my lips. Hair was not all that got stuck. I remember one time, there was a fly. A whole fly. Stuck to my lips (shudder).

At that moment I tossed lipglosses for lipsticks and have never turned back.

So long Venus flytrap lips.

Then I was sent four Vasanti Cosmetics Lipshines the other day.  They looked like lipgloss, so suddenly a cold chill ran down my spine… It is wasp season here in Toronto.


But call me pleasantly surprised. They have a zero stickiness factor. They’re creamy and soft. So soft I was sure they’d drip off my face, especially in the Toronto humidity. But I was wrong again!

They stayed put, wore beautifully and even after drinks and snacks there was still a hint of lingering pigment.

In four universally-flattering colours named after famous rivers, they range from neutral to bold.


Vasanti Cosmetics is a Canadian beauty brand. They develop makeup and skincare products encouraging women to embrace their unique characteristics while enhancing their natural beauty.

Very reasonably priced and available online at, in select Shoppers Drug Mart and Rexall across Canada… Or available to two lucky readers!!

Wahoo! Two lucky winners will take home one of the adorable mason jars filled with the four featured Vasanti Lipshines, packed full of candy.

As always, you’ll have two ways to enter:

#1. Tweet the Following

Love makeup? @immrfabulous is giving away 2 @VasantiCosmetics prize packs with 4 must-have lipshine shades.


#2. Like us on Facebook and leave us a comment telling us which Vasanti Lipshine colour is your favourite.

Two random winners will be chosen next week.

Good luck. We can’t wait to have our readers try these new products first!

M.Fab Fly Trap Lips

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Shoppers Drug Mart and Sally Hershberger TIFF Suite

By September 12, 2014 Theatre, Travel, VIP

With Fashion Week in NYC and TIFF in Toronto, the FAB team has had a busy week and has had to make some hard choices on where to be.

But when the invite arrived to experience the ultimate in pampering at the 5th Annual beautyBOUTIQUE by Shoppers Drug Mart and Sally Hershberger in the TIFF Suite this past weekend; the choice for M. Fab was simple!

All the latest in hair, make-up, beauty and fashion under one roof. Exclusively for getting Canadian editors, TV/radio personalities, and ME red-carpet ready – I am still coming down from my beauty product buzz. For a girl who adores make-up as much as I do, this event was extra incredible.

The event space on Queen West was transformed beautifully into a full-service salon… Except with delicious catering!


First I was whisked into the St. Tropez tan area with the incredible Sophie Evans, New York’s Skin Finishing Expert who has tanned A-listers like the Beckhams, Zooey Deschanel, and ‘Royalty’.  Striped bare down to my new disposable G-string, I tried to ask intelligent questions while being misted all over my pale, nude body.


A top tip from Sophie for those nasty tan lines from the summer – apply the St. Tropez ‘Bronzing Lotion’ to the pale areas using a Q-Tip and shower off, once set. Start with one application as you can always layer up. In a few hours say ‘sayonara’ to those pesky lines.


Next my hair was transformed using the latest Sally Hershberger collection products under the wizardry of Sally’s own New York salon stylists. Looking for red carpet volume that won’t take a professional blow-out to create? Try the new Sally Hershberger ‘Caffeine for Major Volume’ 3-in-1 Volumizing Spray that is also a dry shampoo and finishing hairspray. Three of my favourite hair products in one! Amazing.


My make-up was done by the lovely Lyndsay Craig from Stila Cosmetics. Her colour choice for Fall eyes are glamorous heavy-metal hues. Bold and smouldery eyes can be highlighted with their ‘Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner’ in ‘Midnight’.  A gorgeous, off-navy colour that makes any eye-colour pop.

M.Fab immrfabulous makeover Megan

Feeling totally spoiled, I then spotted some stunning rock glam jewelry by Canadian company Cocoa Jewelry.

Edgy and dramatic, this collection is what statement pieces are all about.


What make-over is complete without a manicure? Ceramic Glaze was showcasing their new Venetian Masquerade and Holiday Bling Collections.

Gorgeous, bold colours with a dash of shimmer.


Duo Professional Eyelash Adhesive was there with incredible lashes, and Luster White with their at-home teeth whitening system. I was able to take a system home and can’t wait to try it out for you guys.

So much fun. So much glamour. And the best part? All of these products can be found, across Canada in Shoppers Drug Mart.

Now, it’s your time to look and feel fabulous!

We’re giving away the full Ceramic Glaze Nail Lacquer Venetian Masquerade Collection to one lucky reader!

As always, there are two ways to enter:

#1. Tweet the Following

Make my digits look amazing @immrfabulous! I want the full @CeramicGlaze Nail Lacquer Collection


#2. Like us on Facebook and tell us what Fall colour you like to wear on your tips.

The giveaway will close and one random winner will be chosen next week!

Good luck, we can’t wait to have our readers try these product first!

M Fab Carpet Ready


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J.Crew Men’s S/S 2015

By September 11, 2014 NYFW S/S15

Men, men, and more men… Oh, and the fashion.

Armed with a roll of paper towels in case I should drool, it was time to take in the beautiful men and handsome fashions of J.Crew Men’s S/S 2015 collection.

JCREW Spring Summer 2015 NYFW MBFW (1)

At first glance, J.Crew’s 2015 men’s collection seemed consistent with what’s currently in store.

Suits, denim, oxfords and belts.

But like always, the details are what continue to set the pieces apart year after year.

JCREW Spring Summer 2015 NYFW MBFW (2)

For S/S15 I’m pleased to see printed sweatshirts.

JCREW Spring Summer 2015 NYFW MBFW (4)

It’s not often you see J.Crew print; I find it casual and effortless.

Then there was the outerwear

Now I’m a curvy guy, so tight and tailored pea-coats are not for me.

But finally, a poncho for men!
Yes please!

JCREW poncho

As I moved from left to right, I spent more time with each guy than women do on Tinder.

I was indeed falling in love.

JCREW 2015 SS Fashion Week  (2)

The neck scarves, breezy denim shirts and lightweight summer chinos had me dreaming of a white sand vacation.

And surely the oversized duffle would fit all my weekend beach accompaniments.

JCREW Spring Summer 2015 NYFW MBFW (5)

“The men’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection was initially inspired by my childhood memories of traveling to Spain. Through my research I came across fantastic images that further evoked nostalgic memories of the Mediterranean. From the fishermen mending their nets on the wharf, the white washed walls, to the various shades of blues in the ocean – all can be found translated in some way throughout the collection. I love the fisherman’s cable knit cardigans updated with white buttons, chambray naval popovers, and French work wear jackets. This season there is special emphasis on simplicity, nothing overly complicated.”Frank Muytjens, Head of J.Crew Men’s Design

JCREW Spring Summer 2015 NYFW MBFW (3)

I find it a perfectly detailed collection with out all the pomp and circumstance.

It’s calm, cool and collected!

I’ll be impatiently awaiting the release of the collection in stores!

Mr. Fab men’s collection

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J.Crew Women’s S/S 2015

By September 10, 2014 NYFW S/S15, Shop

When I think ‘All American’ in fashion, I think of J.Crew.

Well tailored garments, classic fits, and safe.

But this year during NYFW J.Crew showed us that they are willing to take risks and continue to move the brand forward.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (7)

Oversized jackets, reminiscent of the cuts from the house of Stella McCartney…


To a creative mix of dense metallic and light sheer fabrics.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (6)

J.Crew is far from ‘playing it safe’!

Last year I literally fell head over heels in love with the footwear design collaboration with Sophia Webster, and this year they’ve done it again with creatively colourful heels in a mix of patterns and styles.


The perfect accompaniment to pop your basics or accessorize your wow!


This season NYFW has been showing a lot of pastels so it was refreshing and energizing to see such pops of colour.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (5)

But for the muted fashionista, J.Crew S/S 2015 also offers a host of whites and neutrals to help you continue your trend.

JCrew Spring Summer 2015 NYC NYFW MBFW (10)

So what’s the inspiration for the Women’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection?

“It was inspired by the artistic beauty of the indigenous cultures in Latin America. I was drawn to their distinctive approach to stripes, ikats, intricate textiles, and interesting colour combinations – specifically from artisans in Mexico and Peru. The energy of the collection came from a recent trip to Ibiza; and the calm of the relaxing tropical getaway. There’s a real feeling of ease, a sexiness, a casualness and comfort to the clothes this season. I wanted to focus on dressing people to enjoy today and live their lives in them, and not just on a precious occasion.”Tom Mora, Head of J.Crew Women’s Design

For me, having the chance once again to preview the season’s collection was a moment I’ll never forget.


On behalf of myself and my very fashion savvy female readers: Thanks for having us!

We can’t wait to see the collection in stores next year!

Mr. Fab Women’s Crew

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