M Fab’s Top Spring Adult Sippables

By April 20, 2015 Drink, M. Fab

It’s about this time where I kiss all hot drinks a fond farewell and start reaching for some warmer weather sippables.

Cutting down on my ‘soda pop’ intake, I came across a calorie-less refresher that I can’t get enough of!



Canada Dry has come out with a naturally flavoured Lemon-Lime Club Soda. Low in sodium, this is a bubbly, refreshing delight will pair perfectly with some adult accompaniment (*think Gin).


When I hear the word ‘mimosa’ I jump for joy. Champagne + orange juice = yes please.

Now, add a dash of coconut water and you have me sold!

Simply Orange has come out with an orange juice with Coconut Water. At only 80 calories per cup, this has 25% fewer calories than other OJs. It’s light, refreshing and a lovely way to start your day, champagne or not.



Spring and Summer means ‘Spritzer’ time. A little white wine, a little soda…the perfect patio drink

Recently invited to a wonderful Bonterra Organic Wine tasting at iYellow Wine Club here in Toronto, I walked out just loving their Chardonnay.

Made in Mendocino County, this Californian wine has flavours like green apples, pear and citrus. Not only do I love the taste, I love Bonterra’s commitment to producing sustainable, environmentally friendly wine.

As a spritzer or on its own, the Bonterra range of wines is all now available at the LCBO.

Three cheers for Spring and here’s cheers-ing three times for my Top 3 Spring Sippables!

M Fab Soda and OJ and Spritzers Oh My!


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Share Your Style!

By April 16, 2015 Uncategorized

I have such love for home style & décor.

Currently I have an endless supply of home magazines and tear-outs stuffed in all the crevices around my home. And although it’s a questionably desirable look, the hiding spots they’re tucked in to are perfectly beautiful to me.


Home style is a personal choice and now it’s time for you to show off yours in the search for Western Canada’s Next Home Stylist!

It’s simple. Create a 2-3 minute audition video sharing why YOU think your style is the next big thing and submit it HERE by April 30th.

3 finalists will be selected from the entrants and they will then compete against each other in three subsequent challenges.


Then, on August 10th, the winner will be announced and wisked away to take centre stage at the Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver Home & Garden shows where they’ll share their style!

In addition to becoming a source and spokesperson,  you’ll also be given wonderful opportunities to have your style shared by Urban Barn & Western Living.

The entire prize contract is worth approximately $10,000 and its reach will catapult you into home-style stardom!

Next Home Stylist

But for those who are too camera shy to even make the video, I still want to know what YOUR favourite home style includes.

Share with me by leaving a comment below and I’ll randomly select 1 of you to give a $100 Urban Barn gift card to!

It’s that simple!

For me… I love Bright Colors and anything with a bit of whimsy!

Now what’s yours?

Mr. Fab home style

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Motionball SHINES… Again!

By April 15, 2015 Charity

There is one charity event in Calgary that I attend each year that has more heart than the rest…

Motion Ball Gala

Shannon Remple Motion Ball Gala calgary

What’s billed as a Charity Gala Fundraiser for the Special Olympics Calgary is in fact a celebration first and a fundraiser second.

Hosted by ET Canada’s notable personality Rick Campanelli, the night’s priority was to congratulate the athletes and acknowledge their accomplishments.


This year, Olympians, honoured their fellow medal winners as they took centre stage to some very kind words and to a crowd who just couldn’t stop cheering.


The energy was unstoppable!

Then the Athletes, Young Professionals and those quick enough to snag a ticket to the sold out event, hit the floor for a night of dancing that seemed to get better and better as the clock ticked on.


And when it was time for a cool down, party goers were invited enjoy a 2 table candy bar, bid high on some pretty amazing silent auction items, and help themselves to cocktails from the open bar.

Motion Ball has all the bells and whistles of a great event and their team executes the gala flawlessly. They raise funds for an important organization all while ensuring their guests have a memorable and unforgettable night.

I left inspired, happy and sweaty…

I can’t wait to party and shine with the Olympians again in 2016!

Mr. Fab shine


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Spring/Summer Fashions for Under $50 *CTV LIVE*

By April 14, 2015 CTV, TV

A few weeks ago, CTV called me with a challenge:

“Find our viewers great spring and summer looks for under $50… Oh, and make sure they are complete outfits from head to toe.”


A challenge indeed!

So like any other fashion loving Leo would do, I accepted!

Here are 5 quality, trend ready, fashionable looks for Spring/Summer ’15 under $50.


And I took “to toe” literally for this segment; the footwear is not included… After all I’m not a miracle worker.


All clothing items and bags feature in the segment were regular, full priced items found at H&M in Chinook Centre.

Jewelry was a mix of regular and sale priced items exclusively from H&M.


The beautiful tans were complements of St. Tropez self tanner available from Shopper’s Drug Mart in Chinook Centre.

Great Looks at a Great Price!

Mr. Fab under $50  


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A Beautiful Face – 3 Amazing Products

By April 13, 2015 Face

I’m a guy, so rightfully so: I know very little about about makeup.

Besides wearing a little HD Powder now and again during TV spots, my facial coverage is basic.

But last week I was invited to a beauty launch event which was to feature some brands I’ve heard my readers talk about, as well as the newest line: Paul & Joe, which has recently launched in Canada.


And in order to satisfy my interest in products and come out with a few new ‘favs’ to share with my female readers, I went in bare faced and ready to play.

So what did I find that had me wishing I was a young Tammy Fae ready to explore my options?

These 3 beauties.

Cargo’s Matte Top Coat 


This clear, no color top coat will tranfrom your shiny lipstick into a trendy matte finish.

In 30 seconds your satiny lips will be transformed into suede all while keeping completely moisturized.

Paul & Joe’s Creamy Facial Foam


Cleaning your face with this creamy concoction is a treat.

It’ll take off your makeup, clean your pores and leave your face more hydrated than dipping it into a bowl of water.

Cargo Swimables


I must have tried on a dozen lipliners on my hand that morning and all, for the most part, were great. Just a little bit of muscle work to remove them.

But the Swimables… These lipliners are not going anywhere. I promise you, you could successfully swim the English Channel and come out with your pucker still perfect !

These 3 great products do what they say and completely live up to their expectations.

If I need to wear full face, these will be my go-to’s!

Mr. Fab face

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