By November 27, 2014 Breakfast Television, Holiday Gifts

Each Thursday morning until December 4th, you can watch me – LIVE – as I share Fresh & Unique Holiday Gifts with my friends & viewers on Breakfast Television Calgary.

This morning we talked about 5 great personalized gifts. 

Here’s a re-cap with links and locations if you’re looking to gift any of these FAB ideas.

1. Monogrammed Letter Mugs and Journals 


These oversized mugs are perfect to keep you sipping all throughout Christmas morning while the journals will help you document your holiday bounty.
Pick up a lettered collection for a family and give them a reason to have hot chocolate together!

(Mugs $8, Journals $27. Available at Anthropologie)

2. Portraits by Maya Gohill


If you’ve been to Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters on 4th street in Mission, you’ve definitely taken notice of the large portraits of the brand’s founders, created by the very talented Maya Gohill.

Maya, who has been teaching since 2002 (currently at ACAD), was commissioned to portrait the caffeinated duo… And soon after the store opened to the public, the chatter – and want – for her work grew. Working from photographs, Maya can create a custom sized personified surprise that will become one of the recipient’s most prized art pieces.

(Cost $3.50/square inch. Smallest Size: 9×12 = $378. Available at mayagohill.com)

3. I am a Stuffed Animal


Ever wonder what you’d look like as a stuffed animal? Just send a few photos via email, and the artistic team from I am a Stuffed Animal will convert your image into your very own snuggle buddy.

But the personalization doesn’t stop just at the likeness. You can also send details, photos of tattoos or beauty marks, and even choose the clothes that your mini-me will be drawn wearing. Check out the one they made for Tara Slone of BT Calgary!

(Cost $78-$99. Available at I am a Stuffed Animal)

4. Plant


Personalize a living terrarium for your loved one, or sign up for a class where you can create one together! Practically maintenance free, it’s the perfect gift to enjoy all year long! Plant is located in Inglewood.

(Average Cost $45-$95. Available at Plant)

5. City Plates


Gift the memory of your favourite vacation or travel location with these architecturally mapped city plates. Perfect to surprise a loved one with the idea of an upcoming adventure… Or the memories of a past trip.

From Rome to Las Vegas to Montreal, these restaurant quality plates are great for eating off of, or choose to hang them on your wall as an art installation!

(Cost $50 per plate. Available at notNeutral)

Hope you enjoyed my PERSONALIZED gift ideas!

Join me next Thursday, December 4th live on BT when I’ll share 5 great CHILDRENS gifts.


Mr. Fab Personalized.

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Black Friday with FAB

By November 26, 2014 Shop

My mom has taught me a thing or two, but her best shared skill has got to be the ability to spot a DEAL from miles away.

Full price? No way!

As such, shopping ‘the day after’ has turned into one of our favourite adventures.

And now, in Canada we’ve added another important ‘deal day’ to our calendar:


This one I’m shopping differently. With my mom in a different province I’ll be flying solo, searching out the promos at Market Mall in Calgary.

Black Friday Market Mall

The mall’s stores will open at 7am and I’ll be there hopping from store to store, sharing my best finds and sweetest deals via Twitter & Instagram:

Not only will following along tip you off to some of the retailer’s best offers, I’ll also be there giving you the chance to win additional store discounts, mall gift cards, and even a VIP experience with Santa.

So this Friday, put on your comfy shoes, stretch it out, and join me at Market Mall for some of the city’s best Black Friday shopping.

Mr. Fab Friday

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5 FAB Gifts for HER *Live*

By November 21, 2014 Breakfast Television, Holiday Gifts

Yesterday I joined one of my favourite BT Calgary morning hosts, Tara Slone, to bring you:


5 unique & fresh holiday ideas for HER

Here’s the segment in case you missed it.

Next Thursday at 8:10am I’ll be live once again… But this time with 5 amazing PERSONALIZED gift ideas.

Mr. Fab TV

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Gifts for HER

By November 20, 2014 Breakfast Television, Holiday Gifts

Each Thursday morning at 8:10am until December 4th, you can watch me – LIVE – as I share Fresh & Unique Holiday Gifts with my friends & viewers on Breakfast Television Calgary.

This morning we talked about 5 great gifts for HER.

Here’s a re-cap with links and locations if you’re looking to gift any of these FAB ideas.

1. Travalo Classic 


I have a ton of girlfriends that carry oversized bags. Some travel with lamps like Mary Poppins, and others travel with full sized bottles of their favourite perfumes. Well, thanks to this perfect little contraption from Travalo, you can start to downsize. The 5ml sized holder is the perfect size for perfume on the go and it’s easy to fill.

Just pop the spritzer off the top of your favourite bottle, place the Travalo on the circular post, and pump away.  It’s so easy to use and will keep you smelling great wherever you go.

(Available at London Drugs and Shoppers Drugmart $20)

2. Luxe Box 


A delightful beauty surprise delivered to your door each season!

After creating a beauty profile, Luxe Box’s beauty editors will curate a box containing 7-8 items specially for you. ‘Luxe’ sized samples and full sized product of some of the newest items to hit the beauty world. From brands you love to brands you have yet to discover, the box contains a variety of items for skin, hair, nails and even the occasional tool!

Available on loosebutton.com at an average price $25/box, it includes shipping. (Each Luxe Box contains products that if purchased individually would be double the cost of the box)…

(For FAB readers Luxe Box have offer a special discount on any of their membership plans)

3. Neil’s Yard Remedies


Located on 4th st SW in Calgary AB, the British founded Neil’s Yard has opened their 1st North American Boutique.

The apothecary is stocked with a variety of natural and organic products for your face, body and bath that will have you smelling great, looking great and feeling great!

For $30 you can join the Neil’s Yard team to ‘Create Your Own’! A 1.5 hour evening affair where you will learn to mix essential oils into a scent all your own. The cost of the evening also includes a full sized product in your customized fragrance, to take home.

(Available at Neil’s Yard Remedies in person or online. Class cost $30, includes full sized product)

4. Blue Tooth Wireless Head Phones 


Whether you’re working in an open concept office space, or are looking to hit the gym – cord free, these colourful Bluetooth head phones allow you to enjoy your personalized playlist throughout the day.

Designs by BOSE $279 and Kate Spade $128

(Available at Bose Stores & Nordstrom Canada)

5. T by Tiffany & Co.

Tiffany T Jewelry Collection Francesca Amfitheatrof 5

For the 1st time in the iconic company’s 177 year history, Tiffany & Co’s design director is a Woman. At the helm, Francesca Amfitheatrof has designed the company’s newest collection… Simply named “T”. T features the newest technology in jewelry design all whilst keeping the collection simple, modern and clean.

(Available at Tiffany & Co. Prices available upon request)


Hope you enjoyed my gifts for HER!

Join me next Thursday, November 27th live on BT when I’ll share 5 great ‘PERSONALIZED’ gifts for Him & Her.


Mr. Fab for HER.

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Marco Bicego at Birks – “All I want for Christmas”

By November 19, 2014 Mlle Fab, Shop, What to Wear Wednesdays

Winter has arrived in la belle ville. And, with that first snowfall, comes pretty frost covered trees which twinkle in the evening light. Adding to that festive sparkle are Marco Bicego’s gorgeous collections, which are currently being featured at Maison Birks.

I was lucky enough to have a tete-à-tete with the Italian Designer himself as he signed pieces for Birks’ lucky VIPs.

First off, félicitations on the Milan store opening!

Thank you! We bought the space this year in July and we opened a month ago. Next week, I’ll be there for the big opening. I’m really excited.


How does it feel to have a presence in the fashion capitol?

It’s a big challenge for the Marco Bicego brand to be there. It’s good. The value of the brand is along-side other luxury brands of the world. And now, we not only have customers from Italy, but also world-wide, including Tokyo, [France, England, Basel] and Canada.

Have you been touring to different places in Canada?

No, I have been to Toronto twice and once to Montréal before today. And, actually, I don’t know a lot about this country, but I believe there is still great opportunity here.


Completely agree. Along that same vein, what have you learned so far about Canadian women and their style in terms of jewelry, as opposed to Italy or Japan?

Actually, it’s funny because, we found a comparison in what was selling out. Our best selling collection is a world-wide choice for ALL women. I can tell you, it surprised me as well, but the one thing that is apparent in all of the lines is the Marco Bicego ‘Made in Italy’ trademark: 18k yellow gold & artisan hand-made unique pieces. We have many artisans in the company – 80 employees.


For your Cairo collection, you were inspired by the Egyptian sands, hence the delicate gold strings sprinkled with diamonds. On your travels to Montréal, have you had another inspiration, which we may see in an upcoming collection?

Let me tell you, I’m sure that all my travels inspire me. And, right now there is all of this information in my head, like a basket. A good collection is mixing different experiences, countries, people – you know, it’s a combination. I’m certain another collection will present itself in the future.


You took after your father and became a second generation gold-smithing artisan. Out of your three children, have any of them had any inklings towards loving jewelry creation as much as you do?

My youngest child, my son Julius, has actually shown a bit of interest. And, I actually took a shot of him in the same position on a chair in the shop, that I was in when I was his exact age. BUT, he has to feel it from his insides. I believe that if any man or any woman are doing something they like in life, THAT is a dream. And, I also believe that to have something great and timeless, you have to go through this kind of emotion.


Mes chers readers, after perusing Marco’s current collections, I am crushing hard. Oui, the Italian designer is charming incarnate, BUT his bijoux speak for themselves. Plus, the brand is ethical by utilizing KPC approved jewels – Kimberley Process Certification - joint globalization initiative to stop the flow of ‘conflict diamonds’. And, Marco delightfully stressed the ‘imperfect perfect’ in all of his designs. He does not alter the jewel, he literally creates a piece around what mother nature made as he personally finds that ‘real-ness’ beautiful. STUNNING!

His jewelry has been seen EVERYWHERE: Elle, Bazaar, W and even in O – The Oprah Magazine on the first femme of tv herself!


For quality classic pieces, starting from $500, you too can don a piece of beautiful art.

Worried about breaking the bank? Bernard the Birks elf and I have a secret for vous…

Mlle Fab Birks

Maison Birks has an easy-peasey lay-away program, which enables one to take home and enjoy the pretty piece right away. We know! Before you can say, “oui, svp”, you’ll be twinkling like the Rockefeller Christmas tree.

Until Santa comes to town, I’ll be dreaming of these sparklers ; ).


Mlle Fab On the Nice List


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