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By April 28, 2015 Beauty, Face, M. Fab

Last night in the FAB family homes it was Sunday Spa Night thanks to the great treats sent to us by our friends at SKINN.

For my self in Calgary, it was all about deep cleaning the pores from all the spring time dust that’s been whipping through the air with SKINN Vacuum.


After cleansing my skin and tying my hair back with an old shoelace it was time to apply a thick layer of the creaming paste then sit back and relax for 15 minutes well the mask sucked the dirt out of my pores.


A watery rinse later my face shined brighter than waxed linoleum.

Then it was time to Hydrate!

And let’s talk about the smell of the Watermelon Extract Wrinkle Soak!


Put a mini umbrella in it and I’ll drink it!

Sugary sweet and fruity smelling , I made sure to get it as close to my mouth as possible while I was slathering it on!

15 minutes later, I removed with water and my face was plump and juicy!

All said and done, I’m in love with my fancy fresh face!

Now let’s see what M. Fab thought!

M. Fab

Foot Fetish Balm! Yes please, indeed.

The first thing I noticed is the neat and tidy packaging – I love the screwtop and mess-free application.


The second thing I noticed was the smell.

Like an Orange Creamsicle on a hot summer’s day, it was refreshing and delicious, it took everything in my power not to give it a lick.

I loved that it wasn’t the typical peppermint smell you’d normally associate with foot care products

The Foot Balm is so easy to apply – just twist up, roll on and let soak in overnight. It’s lightweight and has a lovely smooth texture that effortlessly blends into those unsightly rough patches on your tootsies!

I absolutely recommend it as a summer must!

Next it was on to the SKINN Olive and Enzyme Make-up Removing & Cleansing Cloths. 


I heard a saying once that make-up wipes should only be used for three things. Flights, Festivals and Fannies… (and not the of the ‘pack’ variety). 

I normally steer clear of wipes because the drying alcohol is so counterproductive to what you want your facial care system to achieve.

However, these wipes say they cleanse, soften, hydrate and are able to remove waterproof mascara… I was so intrigued I had to give them a try!


Infused with vitamin E and micro–oils, these cloths are not only very durable and are the are perfectly sized to get the job done!

Here’s a little live-action video of me taking off my make-up using one of them… Even wearing waterproof mascara. 

Spoiler alert; They did a great job!

Thanks again SKINN for letting us sample so many of your wonderful products.

And if you’re looking to have a spa day of your own? SKINN will be live today on TSC today, April 28th with some amazing Show Stoppers!

Mr & M. Fab

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A Theatrical Beauty Experience

By April 24, 2015 Beauty, M. Fab

Opening it’s fifth enhanced beautyBOUTIQUE in Canada in Toronto’s historic Runnymede Theatre, Shopper’s Drug Mart continues to offer Canadians the best beauty experience in retail.


Built in 1927, the Runnymede Theatre on Bloor West is not only historic, but iconic to the city and neighbourhood. 




Up until the transition, this was an operating theatre complete with stage, curtains and a stunning ceiling that, when created, was to evoke a feeling of being outside, under an evening sky




The new beautyBOUTIQUE has preserved all the unique architectural features from the intricate columns, to the tiled floor and used the stage area to showcase their enhanced fragrance collection.


Offering 18 prestige brands, like Stila and Chanel, to complement the rest of the Shoppers mass collectionsthis beautyBOUTIQUE uniquely carries two bays dedicated to men’s products like Biotherm, Lancome and Lab Series.




What I love is how open and inviting the area is. The towering ceilings give the area a dramatic sense of space. What I also love is the level of customer service you receive at beautyBOUTIQUES. Unlike major department stores, all Beauty Advisors are knowledgeable and unbiased; completely trained in all cosmetic lines so they can offer you the best-suited products for your specific need. 


Take a bow, Shoppers. A star is born!


M Fab


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West Elm to Open in Calgary

By April 22, 2015 Opening, Shop

New store openings are exciting, but when it just happens to be your favourite home furniture and decor store and it happens to be opening less than a block away from your home, it becomes VERY EXCITING!


Once again, I’ve been playing Nancy Drew and all clues have pointed to West Elm opening their 3rd Canadian store in Calgary, Alberta.


Over the last year, the shops of Mount Royal Village have been under scaffolding and tarps.


Prior to renovation, the centre was home to a few great faces:

Metropolitan Grill, Indigo Books, Hillberg & Berk and most recently a boutique style market.


But according to this floor plan, Mount Royal Village is slated to host a new exciting tenant!


With plans to occupy 15,000 + sqft, the retail home store will offer unique in-store products which are not available in any other shops.

Chic lamps, beautifully patterned textiles, creative decor and strong and sturdy furniture, West Elm’s quality and flare will have you wanting a complete home makeover! 


And great product isn’t all they’ll have; They’ll have a great staff too!


Who knows, maybe this sleuth will have to start moonlighting.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting your opening West Elm!

Mr. Fab elm

All product photos have been borrowed from West Elm’s online shop

Thanks to Retail Insider for turning me on to this exciting story!

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Poutine Week

By April 21, 2015 Eat, SHAW

It’s Poutine Week in Calgary, Alberta and all the city’s fries are dressing up in their finest! 

This year, 49 Restaurants will serve up 49 creative and delicious poutine all whilst supporting a charitable cause.

During the week, for each Poutine sold a person in need will receive a meal thanks to the event’s non-profit partner, Mealshare!

Yesterday, I ventured out with professional eater, Kyle MacQuarrie on his quest to successfully eat all 49 unique Poutine! 

First stop, National on 10th.

poutine national

French Fries layered with 4-cheese Mac & Cheese, topped with breadcrumbs, cheese curds and a healthy portion of crumbled bacon

Cheesy, creamy and so saucy I ended by ladling up every last bit with a spoon. 

Then we were off to Briggs Kitchen & Bar for their ‘Newf’s Poutine’.

poutine Briggs

Starting with hand cut French Fries piled high, cheese curds are added and the cast iron skillet hits the high temp oven for a suntan.

When it comes out it’s smothered in a boozy cream sauce and adorned with buttery bathed lobster!

So rich, it’s like the Bill Gates of Poutine! 

With 2 Poutine down and a tummy too full to continue, I decided to jump ship and let  the professionals like Kyle continue on alone! 


Poutine Week is on now until April 25th. 

It’s time to put on your stretchy pants and see how many of the 49 you can tackle! 

Mr. Fab outine

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M Fab’s Top Spring Adult Sippables

By April 20, 2015 Drink, M. Fab

It’s about this time where I kiss all hot drinks a fond farewell and start reaching for some warmer weather sippables.

Cutting down on my ‘soda pop’ intake, I came across a calorie-less refresher that I can’t get enough of!



Canada Dry has come out with a naturally flavoured Lemon-Lime Club Soda. Low in sodium, this is a bubbly, refreshing delight will pair perfectly with some adult accompaniment (*think Gin).


When I hear the word ‘mimosa’ I jump for joy. Champagne + orange juice = yes please.

Now, add a dash of coconut water and you have me sold!

Simply Orange has come out with an orange juice with Coconut Water. At only 80 calories per cup, this has 25% fewer calories than other OJs. It’s light, refreshing and a lovely way to start your day, champagne or not.



Spring and Summer means ‘Spritzer’ time. A little white wine, a little soda…the perfect patio drink

Recently invited to a wonderful Bonterra Organic Wine tasting at iYellow Wine Club here in Toronto, I walked out just loving their Chardonnay.

Made in Mendocino County, this Californian wine has flavours like green apples, pear and citrus. Not only do I love the taste, I love Bonterra’s commitment to producing sustainable, environmentally friendly wine.

As a spritzer or on its own, the Bonterra range of wines is all now available at the LCBO.

Three cheers for Spring and here’s cheers-ing three times for my Top 3 Spring Sippables!

M Fab Soda and OJ and Spritzers Oh My!


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