The Indiana State Fair

By August 27, 2014 My Life, Travel

It’s hard to say how or why I developed such a bizarre fascination with State fairs, but last week I took a childhood dream and made it a reality when I boarded a plane and then drove nearly 5 hours to attend the Indiana State Fair!

Now, I’ve attended countless exhibitions and parking lot midways in my life, but Indiana was my first all-American State Fair.

Prize winning pigs, cow milk-off’s and some pretty colourful locals made it was everything I could have hoped it would be.

Here are a few of my ‘first encounters’ only at the Indiana State Fair.

The Tractor Parade:


It’s shoulder to shoulder on the bustling fair ground… Perfect time to watch innocent bystanders flee for their lives as a 50 tractor parade comes barreling through the crowd with no advanced warning.

The Hall of Beauties:


Over 100 past Indiana State Beauty Queen’s portraits cast in golden guild frames line the salmon pink walls.
It’s like a scene out of the ‘Haunted Mansion’ at Disney World.

The Covered Bridge:


I’m 100% percent sure this bridge did not even span over water, but in America, if you build it, they will come!

The Prized Pig:


Spotosaurus Rex, the undisputed heavy weight of the world at 1007 pounds, was trucked in and rolled into a pen for all to enjoy.

Deep Fry:


From the never before seen Red Velvet Oreo, to a plethora of Pork Rinds & Pig Skin, it seemed nothing went ‘un-dunked’ at this State Fair.

Ol’ Timey Carnival Games:


I always wonder what people do with their giant stuffed win, but in Indiana live animals seem to be the prize.

A Kissing Booth:


Have an extra dollar bill to spare, well then you too can French a French Bulldog.

From first kisses to 1st places, the Indiana State Fair did not disappoint!

What an amazingly memorable vacation!

Mr. Fab fair


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ZOOGALA Party Giveaway

By August 25, 2014 Giveaway, VIP

Lions and Tigers and Parties, OH MY!

On September 5th, from 6pm to Midnight, the Calgary Zoo and its animals will play host to one of the most exciting parties of the year.
This year’s Annual ZOOGALA!

So what sets this party ahead of the rest?

Well, first up – the location.


Just over a year ago, the island which the zoo resides on (St. Patrick’s) took a hard hit as the flood waters of Calgary rose, but thanks to dedication of the city and its volunteer efforts, the zoo is fully functional and better than ever.


As a matter of fact, things are so good that it’s rated as the #1 zoo in Canada according to Travolocity!

And at this year’s ZOOGALA, you’ll see why.

Not only will all the animal exhibits be open until 9pm for you to peruse, the night’s events will include creative foods, refreshing beverages, as well as a ‘Wild’ Fashion Show.


The tickets for this event are available for purchase HERE and will cost $140 a piece, but because they love our city and my FAB readers as much as they love their animals, they have graciously offered 2 tickets to giveaway!

As always you’ll have two ways to enter!

1. Tweet the following

The @calgaryzoo gala is on Sept 5 and I’m trying to win my tickets You should too via @immrfabulous


2. Comment below and tell me:

What’s your favorite animal?

Mine are Pandas… Which I look forward to seeing when they come in the next few years!

This giveaway will be open until Friday, the 29th… At which time a winner will be randomly selected and contacted.

Good luck and get ready for an amazing event!

Mr. Fab gala

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Happy Birthday to Me!

By August 21, 2014 My Life

Like a typical Leo I am wishing my self a very Happy Birthday today!

FAB Food

And all though I my only gift thus far has been waking up with a chest cold, I’m certain a day in bed with a delicious birthday carrot cake will be just what the doctor ordered!

Happy Birthday to me… and other all my August 21st babies!

Mr. Fab irthday boy

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Marshall’s Fabulous Finds

By August 20, 2014 Shop, What to Wear Wednesdays

Exciting shopping times are upon us in Canada.
It’s seems this year alone more US retailers have taken the border crossing to set up shop in the Great White North.

Tomorrow, Calgary, AB will welcome their first Marshall’s to the city.


But yesterday, lucky for me, I was able to bypass the fashion hungry shoppers and take it all in at an exclusive preview so I could share my finds with you!

Marshalls Calgary AB (5)

Marshall’s concept of off price retail may not be that unique, after all their related companies Winners & Homesense have been serving up incredible value for years in Canada.

But what is exceptionally unique is a few of there expansive departments & branded collections.

Take for instance their well stocked women’s shoe dept.

Marshalls Calgary AB (2)

High end designer brands such as Loubiton, Valentino and Calvin Klein can be seen mingling on the shelves.

The convenient lay out quickly displays all the available sizes so it’s easy to try & buy posthaste!

But Marshall’s isn’t only about the wearable fashions.


A plethora of home decor items fill the shelves near the back of the store.

Included in the area are a pantry & kitchen accessory area with enough stock and brilliant gift ideas to make you shine at your next house warming event.

Marshalls Calgary AB (3)

And the fabulous finds don’t just stop there.

Ever wonder what Adam Levine smells like?


Then head over to Marshall’s body section where hundreds of hair & body product await you!

Marshalls Calgary AB (4)

All the products you’ll find at Marshall’s have been sourced from over 14,000 vendors in 60 countries and because they revive and replenish the stock 5 days a week, each trip will have you exploring the store, finding something new!

So what did I find on my shopping adventure?

Gifts for myself, and some for my family!


An amazing lightweight multi season jacket from Buffalo at an insanely low price ($34.99).

A Barbie for my niece with swimming dogs (14.99).

A car charging kit for my iPhone (16.99).

Black Current Mint kitchen hand soap (4.99).

Colourful Happy Socks ($4.99).

And lastly…

New clippers, seriously my fingernails were looking like I was trying to get myself inducted into the Guinness Records ($3.99).

The whole shop cost me less than $100 and I walked away with a blue bag full of happiness!


Thanks to Marshall’s, Canada’s savy shoppers will continue to strut their stuff in style!

Welcome to our home!

Mr. Fab shall


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Canada vs. America: The Flavour Chip Off

By August 19, 2014 Eat

I’m sure you have all seen the creative & wild assortment of potato chip flavours lining the shelves in the snack food aisles lately.

That’s because Lays has once again turned over the invention kitchen to its hungry snackers to come up with their next best crunch.

But did you know these flavour competitors differ across border?

Let’s take a look; It’s  Canada vs America



Bacon Poutine, Cinnamon Bun, Jalapeno Mac & Cheese and Tzatziki

It’s obvious Poutine would never fly in the USA as I’m pretty sure Costco is the only place that sells it… But I am surprised Cinnamon Bun wasn’t optioned there. Perhaps the famed Cinnabon brand would have sent out their hitmen.

That being said, I think the clear Canadian winner will be Bacon Poutine, although I’m rooting for Jalapeno Mac & Cheese, who’s collaborator just happens to be from Calgary, AB.

Now on to AMERICA


Cappuccino, Wasabi Ginger, Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese and Mango Salsa.

Talk about taking a trip outside of the USA and coming up with such interesting foreign flavour profiles like Wasabi Ginger and Mango Salsa. But lets call a spade a spade: this is America and the Cheddar Bacon Mac & Cheese will for sure be the winner!

That said it’s the Cappuccino flavour that intrigues me the most and would most likely receive my vote.

But what about you!? Which country do you think brought their A-game to this years competition and which flavour do you think would be your favorite?

We’d love to know!

Maybe a little Mac & Cheese topped with Tzatziki served with a Cappuccino to wash it all down with


Mr. Fab flavours


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